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    The skyscraper of the future by the sea

    Skyscraper construction is inextricably linked to the philosophy and needs of modern society. Studia 54 is ready to present a project that epitomizes a completely new experience for us.

    New direction

    Throughout our many years of activity, we have constantly set new goals and successfully achieved them. This allows us to find points of growth and develop in new directions, in keeping with the spirit of the times. An ambitious skyscraper project illustrates our commitment to being innovative.

    An inspiring project by Studia 54 of a 120-storey skyscraper in Dubai that reflects our vision in contemporary architecture.

    A skyscraper has always been an attribute of a country's economic power or a memorable identity of a business company. They often become a major tourist attraction, attracting investors.

    Urban architecture in the 21st century

    Under conditions of high urbanization and growth of urban population, land in the central areas of megacities is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. That is why the construction of skyscrapers makes it possible to maximize the use of limited space in an already formed urban environment. 

    One area of a skyscraper can accommodate many office and commercial premises. And the rest of the space can be given to landscaping, green areas and transport interchanges. 

    The architecture of high-rise buildings is to some extent a laboratory for the most daring ideas of man, which allows realising innovative engineering solutions.  


    Skyscrapers by Studia 54

    The Studia 54 project consists of two gracefully curved towers that rise above the city and harmonize with the context of the area. We were inspired by the philosophy of the region to ensure that the building not only fits into the area, but also enriches it. The stylobate at the base resembles a crescent moon reflecting the light of the sun. The surrounding towers reach inexorably towards the stars, which have become a symbol of hope and light in Muslim culture.

    Smooth lines and elegant curves, give the architecture a futuristic look. One of the towers is wide and low, while the other is tall and thin, such a contrast gives the impression of silhouette movement.

    Due to the plastic lines, the towers can be viewed from different angles. The lighting emphasizes the curves and shape of the buildings, creating an impressive image against the sunset sky.


    In order to realise such a large project, it is necessary to consider not only the functionality of the building and its aesthetics, but also to create an urban environment.

    The stylobate will include a variety of public areas such as parks, terraces, shopping centres and cultural facilities. 

    The towers themselves can house view restaurants, office spaces, apartments, conference halls and SPA centres.


    The skyscrapers created by Studia 54 give the coastal zone of the city a unique silhouette, forming a new visual image. The project has been developed taking into account modern trends and innovative technologies in high-rise construction.

    The construction of the skyscraper is a response to the demands of modern urban architecture and a true expression of the philosophy of progress.

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