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Architectural project of a two-storey seaside house in Monaco

Seaside house in Monaco

All in all, the architecture and mode of life of the small country with a rich history present one massive museum. Monaco consists of four major regions — Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville, La Condamine, Fontvieille. In this country, almost everything is related to the entertainment industry and hotel business.

The state is built on the step of the Alps, almost all the territory is covered with multi-storied buildings mixed with old historical constructions.

In most cases, such natural materials as stone, marble, wood and glass are used for the architectural design of buildings in minimalist style. Chrome-plated steel is a signature material. For minimalism, shade is more important than color. The palette is neutral, common for natural materials. Shades of white, beige, brown, gray are used. 

Simple geometric shapes and clear volumes are preferred. It is desirable to use similar shapes within one object. Special attention is paid to the light-related effects. Therefore, the wall-sized windows and flat roofs with glass fragments; the hidden lighting along the perimeter of the space is often used.

Geometric lines are present throughout the exterior: the ceiling finishing, the shape of the bar counter, curves of the chandelier. Designers of the studio have thought through all the aspects of the project architecture. Natural materials — wood and marble — prevail in the finishing and decor of the house. There is an outdoor pool.

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