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Architectural project of a four-story house in the Philippines

Unique layout solution for a tropical-style home amidst rocks and jungles

Immersing into the essence of natural beauty and a visionary approach to design come together in an architectural project in the Philippines. One of the highlights of the design process was dealing with the complex landscape—the house is integrated into the rock, and the elevation difference reaches 20 meters. The main idea of this architectural gem is a complete timeless immersion inside. Innovation and bold thinking manifest in the very concept of the house—all the picturesque beauty is concealed within the inner courtyard, while the external facades serve as a refined curtain, shielding it from external views.

The house layout represents a unique solution, taking the terrain relief into account: two floors are submerged in the upper part of the rock, and four are located below. The curves of the rock, mirrored in the lines of the house's foundation, create an effect of flowing space and a sense of unity between architecture and nature. The high floors serve as living and guest spaces, while the lower floor is designated for areas with a cinema, bowling, and a music room.

Extensive work was done in the field of engineering design: it was essential to make the house earthquake-resistant and set up a drainage system—the house is situated in a region prone to earthquakes and flooding. In the sketch project stage, a rigid reinforced concrete frame with stiffness cores was envisaged for structural solutions.

Located in a cottage settlement amidst tropical jungles, the project tackles significant challenges, including ensuring a high level of security. Behind the sliding gates lie the true essence of the facade, revealing an inner courtyard with an exquisite fountain and sculpture, elegantly transitioning to the upper floor. Inside, there is parking space for five cars and a covered garage.

A unique solution is the round fountain continuing through the portal to the second-floor terrace.

The entrance group is presented as a unified open space of the inner courtyard. The entrance to the suburban residence is hidden in the distant part of the courtyard, allowing one to enjoy the panorama of Antipolo city before entering the house. During the rainy season, you can enter the house while sheltered under the cantilevered terrace.

Delicate work with the landscape, loyalty to the relief, careful treatment of trees, and preservation of local identity — all of this reveals the philosophy of the project. The house is integrated into nature, and nature becomes a part of the house. Each level of the house is covered with vines and ivy, reminiscent of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The house represents a synergy of aesthetics and functionality, where high-tech materials become the main artistic accent: facades are finished with premium large-format ceramic granite using natural travertine stone, decorative details are made of metal with noble copper casting. Panoramic glass windows allow natural light to penetrate every corner of the house, adding airiness to the interior.

Each floor has access to a terrace. On the terrace, there are lounge areas, a fireplace, and a jacuzzi

Each floor has access to a terrace. On the terrace, there are lounge areas, a fireplace, and a jacuzzi

Around the house, a pedestrian route is designed, illuminated by its own moon

Around the house, a pedestrian route is designed, illuminated by its own moon

The design of the house in the Philippines reflects the character of the owners. In every detail, one can see creative freedom, impeccable taste, and a pursuit of perfection.

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