Studia 54makes dreams come true even before you started dreaming.
    We create architecture and interiors,
    which inspire to create, to rejoice, to open new horizons.
    Classic, traditions and best practices are always with us,
    and the introduction of innovations, the constant search for the best and responding to the spirit of the times is in our DNA.
    The result is the timeless projects
    We believe that combining art and functionality is possible, and we prove it by displaying that in our works.
    Studia 54 creates unique designs:
    There is no such thing as two identical fingerprints, which is also true for the projects.
    While reaching the perfection, we raise the bar higher and higher.
    Each of our projects is impeccable, but the next one should be even better — this is the principle of our work.
    Our approach to team building is not just recruitment.
    The Studia 54 team is increasing annually.
    We are growing to accomplish bigger and more ambitious things — projects for you.
    we will call you back, answer your questions and will find the solution for any task you have
    Discussion of the project does not oblige you to anything: we will tell you about ourselves and options for implementing your ideas, and you will decide on cooperation.
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