Career in Studia 54
    Reaching the ambitious goals togetherWe are getting to the new level by applying synergy effect
    Team effort
    We are developing honest and respectful relationship within the company as it is the only right way to create something beautiful
    The freedom of self expression
    Every team member of Studia 54 has a strong personality. There is no dress code in the office, we appreciate each other for being talented and fully involved
    Cross functional experience we share
    Excellent synergy developed among the departments helps to achieve best results
    Continuous learning
    We provide opportunities for personal and professional growth: management training, lectures, English classes for students with varying proficiency levels held by the amazing teacher from the USA.
    We make sure everyone feels like home
    You can enjoy free coffee in the lounge zone, use all the necessary appliances in the kitchen, have fruits and healthy snacks to inspire you
    Even though we work hard we never forget about precious free time
    a lot of offsite activities are organised annually, and they are fun to remember
    Paid internship in Studia 54
    Usually we invite applicants for 3 days to the office for them to look around, immerse themselves into the atmosphere of teamwork and feel the unique features of Studia 54 activities. It helps future employees to come to the decision in a smooth and conscious manner