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    Design of the clubhouse in the residential complex "Esper Club" in St. Petersburg

    Entrance areas of the clubhouse "Esper Club"

    Design project for the entrance area of the "Esper Club" clubhouse

    Studia 54 developed the design project for the entrance area of the "Esper Club" clubhouse, a project by the "Eurostroy" group of companies. The architects drew inspiration from the building’s style — majestic and monolithic.


    Interior design

    On the first floor, there is a unified entrance area with a concierge room and commercial space. This zone is decorated in the Art Deco style, reminiscent of a luxury hotel lobby. The high ceiling with luxurious chandeliers, panoramic windows, and stained glass windows harks back to the opulent aesthetics of the American Jazz Age, as seen in the film "The Great Gatsby".


    The designers spared no expense on decor — wrought iron lanterns and doors, sculptures, and stucco add a sense of grandeur to the space. The ceiling is adorned with elegant decorative elements, reminiscent of blooming buds and flower petals that sparkle in the sunlight. The spacious lobby features seating areas, including round sofas and a cozy zone near a fireplace close to the concierge desk.

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