Studia 54

We, as a brand, turn your dreams into fantastique interiors and architectural designs. Our projects inspire the pursuit of your great aspirations. We create the alchemy of luxury and the enjoyment of our clientèle.

Our mission is to create, to sustain and to continue your histoire de succès.

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Signature projects

One of our greatest accomplishments has been innovating new directions that have transformed the design and architectural industry. Our savoir-faire has earned worldwide praise and marks significant milestones in our journey of growth.

 Mons Concinnus: panoramic-view house in India
Morocco Residence
Luxury design of a villa in Morocco
Villa with internal garden in Vladivostok

We do not merely build homes; we meticulously create enduring legacies

Aesthetics & Excellence

Our projects embody the refined tastes and unique preferences of our owners. We set new standards in architecture, crafting collectible masterpieces that highlight the status of their residents.

Eternity & Elegance

Our designs are a commitment to the future. We focus on ensuring that our projects stand the test of time, appreciating in value as the finest assets become even more valuable over the years.

Sensuality & Delicacy

We go beyond merely meeting formal expectations. We aim to exceed even the most demanding standards, making architecture a source of strength and inspiration. By using exclusively premium materials, we achieve perfection in every detail, enhancing the sophisticated style of our owners.

Harmony & Natural beauty

Inspired by flora and fauna, we create environments where organic beauty and handcrafted artistry merge. Our approach to the landscape design integrates seamlessly with nature to create inviting locations where one can enjoy serenity and harmony.

Architectural design

We create exceptional works of architectural art that meet the highest standards for the owners and investors. We strive for excellence in every project, ensuring the result is one-of-a-kind and reflects individual preferences.

 Residence in Thailand: spacious, natural, and impressive
The skyscraper of the future by the sea
Splendor Naturalis: a villa in Darino
Country house project in the cottage village "Novye Dubki"
Picturesque house in a cottage village on Novorizhskoye highway
Villa with an outdoor cinema in the United Arab Emirates
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Interior design

At Studia 54, we do not just design interiors; we shape new realities. Our projects are intended to inspire and leave an unforgettable impression, highlighting the distinctiveness of each owner. Our designs resonate with people, providing a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Dazzling villa in Bluewaters, Dubai
Modern residence interior with designer staircase and fireplace
Luxurious Privacy: Pied-à-terre by Studia 54
Interior of a flat in a club house on Savvinskaya embankment
Designer interior of a villa in the Alps
Expressive interior in Saudi Arabia
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We are architects, designers, creative visionaries, and bold innovators, shaping a bright future

Bringing our owners’ dreams to life is the cornerstone of Studia 54's philosophy. We passionately believe that your happiness and satisfaction are the ultimate goals of our work. Our team is dedicated to realizing your ideals, which are woven into every project we undertake.

We are architects, designers, creative visionaries, and bold innovators, shaping a bright future

We are always open to new connections and extraordinary projects. Contact us to discuss your ideas or proposals




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