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    Interior of a country house in Morocco

    Design project in warm colours for sunny Morocco

    Our clients inspired the designers at Studia 54 to use spicy colours in their interiors. We took special care of this 1000 m² project and developed a comfortable layout where every detail creates a unique composition. At the customer's request, all materials in the project are natural: marble, wood, brass, glass, and leather. They are not only pleasant to look at — they are pleasant to touch. You can feel warmth next to them, even if it is stone or metal.

    Living room

    In front of the large Minotti sofa, a TV set is placed on a wall of natural marble with metal inserts. On the sides of the sofa are niches with shelves with localised lighting, which is indispensable in the evening. On the shelves you can arrange your favourite books or souvenirs brought from your travels. 

    Chandelier by Lasvit
    Chandelier by Lasvit

    Floor windows can be tightly curtained or left open to fill the house with daylight, admire the sunset or the sky filled with stars. In the lobby, a graceful console with a composition of Cattelan mirrors harmonises with the veneer on the walls.

    Master bedroom

    The calm colours in the bedroom create a particularly relaxed atmosphere. Pendant chandeliers from Sans Souci with clear and amber glass elements give a soft understated light, filling the whole bedroom with warmth. Behind the incredibly comfortable bed by Casamilano is a composite panel of grey metal and dark tinted glass. The sides are flanked by almost weightless mirrored Cavalli bedside tables.


    The opposite wall is panelled in genuine leather with brass inlays. Brass harmonises with both amber in the chandeliers and the noble shades of solid wood.

    Wide panoramic windows in the full height of the wall fill the room with natural light.


    Guest bedroom

    In a small room, we managed to fit everything we needed without feeling cramped. Large lamps with a glass body seem to float above the bedside tables, and mirrors at the headboard maximise the space by reflecting the windows.

    Chandelier by Manooi

    The glass doors of the spacious wardrobe look spectacular.



    A spacious bathroom with chic furnishings. The vanity unit under the sink is made of dark solid wood with brass elements.

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