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Colorful villa in Madrid

The new 350m² villa project in Spain by Studia 54 stands out in our portfolio for its vibrant colour scheme. The client, a true lover of art, wanted to integrate modern art objects and orange colours into the interior to liven up the house. The team realized the client's requirements, creating a unique art space.

Living room

The central area of the house stands out with its unusual angular shape. Our main task was to make the interior contrast with this layout and create a soft space. For this purpose, we used furniture and decor with flowing lines.

Sofa group

In the interior of the living room, the attention is attracted by a luxurious light installation in amber shades. We placed it in a niche to visually zone the space. A circular composition of sofas from the premium Italian brand Minotti in streamlined shapes and the main shades of the project fits perfectly under the chandelier.

A lounge area with panoramic views of the natural relief is the perfect layout solution. In such a place, it is pleasant to spend time with the family or a large company.

The real dominant feature of the hall is the stupendous custom-designed wood-burning fireplace. Our designers have developed a fireplace panel that reminds of a light water ripple.

Dining area

In this area, we managed to use several complex elements at once without weighting down the space.

It was important to the client to integrate natural motifs into this project, and most importantly, to do it easily. We created a niche that is filled with rich hanging vines. Delicate cable lighting dilutes them.

Above the dining area, a string of pearls — a crystal chandelier from the Preciosa brand — is elegantly frozen. It is organically complemented by designer armchairs of snow-white color in the style of the 70s.

The customer's wish for the kitchen area was to use black-colored tempered glass for the facades. This solution allowed the bar stools in the customer's favorite shade to stand out against their background.

The corridor is imbued with the spirit of Spanish Romanesque architecture. Soft lighting on the walls with raw stone emphasizes its unique texture. Rough stone combined with smooth warm walnut veneer creates a stylish composition. 

Master bedroom

The interior of the master bedroom is rich, with complex elements creating a finished ensemble. Rounded suede panels behind the headboard soften the space.

The guest bathroom is designed in restrained color tones, resulting in a refined ambience. Delicate lighting softly illuminates the walls, emphasizing the walnut veneer pattern.  

The design project of the villa turned out to be multidimensional and colorful. Here, every square meter is filled with a special atmosphere of splendour. Studia 54 is not afraid to experiment with volumes and colors, because this is the only way to create truly valuable projects. 

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