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Idyllic apartment interior in Saint-Petersburg

Idyllic apartment interior in Saint-Petersburg

The new apartment project in St. Petersburg by Studia 54 is based on hügge, a concept that originated in Scandinavian countries and denotes a sense of coziness and comfortable communication with feelings of well-being and satisfaction. The clients wanted a "serene" interior, without too pompous elements, rather closer to the Scandinavian style. We reflected minimalism, straight lines and functionality, resulting in a bright space, without unnecessary things, but with an atmosphere of warmth.

The living room is the face and heart of the house. It is this room that is most often open to guests. That is why we paid special attention to its arrangement. The lounge zone, which can accommodate 6-7 people, is equipped with a soft sofa and a laconic leather armchair by Minotti. In front of the sofa we placed a small round coffee table. Following the wishes of the customers, we have provided an open shelf for storing books and placing decorative elements in the marine theme: seashells, corals, and pearls.

The shelving unit is finished in coffee-colored veneer, and the back wall is lined with Tundra West marble. The living room is also equipped with a movie projector, so the owners can enjoy evening movie sessions right from home. The lighting sources are quite simple, as the customers asked us to avoid using too flashy elements, we did not include a ceiling installation in the layout and limited ourselves to track lights, for local lighting we envisaged a minimalist table floor lamp.

The living room flows seamlessly into the kitchen-dining room. The color palette is light, natural, with a predominance of beige and light gray. The walls are finished in the same veneer as in the living room, the only difference is the niche with brass inserts with lighting. The floor is made of black porcelain stoneware, which adds contrast to the space. The dining room has seating for 6 people and is furnished with a tall rectangular dining table and chairs by Poliform. The lighting is similar to the living room - the same track lights, but we also added a geometric chandelier.

The apartment has two bedrooms: the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. Here we have already moved a little away from Scandinavian style, choosing a darker color palette: rich chestnut MDF panel with inserts of backlighting in the wall decoration, cold ash parquet, dark textiles for the bedding, and a black closet. 

The guest bedroom is done in a lighter palette to create a neutral, calm atmosphere for guests. The wall panel is made of leather with glass inserts. Laconic lamps and bedside cabinets do not make the space look cluttered. Here we emphasized the decor: numerous pillows, designer items and paintings – these are the elements that add uniqueness to the room.

The nursery is the embodiment of coziness and tranquility, every element creates a feeling of safety: rounded shapes, fluffy textures, eco-friendly toys - everything is provided here to make the child feel comfortable. The colors of the room as if diluted or muted, but this does not make the room boring and dull. On the contrary - the abundance of white and beige colors makes the pastel shades pop out even brighter.

Bathrooms are kept in the same style - everything here is modern, functional and without unnecessary elements. In the development of design, we took into account modern trends - it is environmental friendliness and apparent simplicity, which is actually behind a carefully thought-out project. Having chosen laconic design, we have observed the geometry of forms: squares and rectangles - no excessive ornaments.

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