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Exquisite interior design of apartments in Singapore

Luxurious apartments in Singapore

The new Studia 54 project - sophisticated apartments in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world - Singapore. The blend of the West and the East, along with the dynamic rhythm of the metropolis, creates a concentration of impressions.
Enchanting chandeliers, wall sconces, and floor lamps by the finest European brands Masiero and Eichholtz

The design in the unique stylistic approach of Studia 54 becomes a defining feature, appealing to both the fortunate residents of the apartments and their discerning guests.

The interior combines refinement, individuality, and comfort, creating an unparalleled effect that cannot be compared with anything else.

The living room interior features a Meridiani sofa, Bontempi armchairs, and Eichholtz marble coffee tables

The living room interior is layered, elegant, and rich in both textures and color palette, where art pieces seamlessly blend with modern design, and the overall tone is set by a luxurious space with secondary lighting and panoramic windows. Well-crafted volumes and lighting are the keys to harmony, creating the right atmosphere. Opulent furniture by Meridiani and Bontempi harmoniously complements Eichholtz marble tables, accentuating the ambiance of Masiero chandeliers. Meticulously chosen art pieces and decor make the interior truly immersive, exclusive, reflecting the individuality of the owners.

The elegant dining set consists of a Bontempi table and Eichholtz chairs

The dining area, integrated into the same space as the living room, features an elegant dining set by Bontempi and Eichholtz. The pair of chandeliers resembles a work of art. The ambiance exudes solemnity while remaining exceptionally comfortable.

The aesthetics of effortless luxury are perfectly suited for the lounge area

The lounge area is designed with an aesthetic of effortless luxury. The balance is built on nuances. Thanks to panoramic windows, the space is filled with light and airiness. A harmonious palette of shades is accentuated by rich textures. Exclusively comfortable furniture by Ditre Italia and Pianca encourages leisurely conversations and contemplation of magnificent city views through the prism of the terrace's tropical garden.

Pianca leather armchairs, Ditre Italia sofa and Eichholtz coffee tables and wall sconces
The onyx bar counter is complemented by Cattelan Italia chairs

The aesthetics of the space extend into the bar area, where one can enjoy a collection of wines. The luxurious onyx bar counter is complemented by Cattelan Italia chairs. The marble floor, along with the 'floating' composition of pendant lights, also from the Italian brand, beautifully enhance the interior.

Exquisite office interior

Exquisite office interior

Eichholtz lamps and pendant lights, along with a Cattelan Italia chair

Eichholtz lamps and pendant lights, along with a Cattelan Italia chair

The strictness and conciseness of the office accentuate refined elements, making it simultaneously elegant and functional. Lighting by the Eichholtz brand, a Cattelan Italia chair, a bookshelf with brass framing and illumination create an aesthetic workspace. The combined wood and tinted glass finish, along with the marble floor, bring together the entire interior. Exclusive design, absolute individuality in solutions, highlighting the uniqueness of the location - these are the constant attributes of our interior philosophy, where design is considered an art form.

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