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    Interior design of a penthouse in New York

    Exclusive penthouse in Midtown Manhattan, New York

    Our new project in the 'capital of the world,' the Big Apple, is a fusion of two worlds – the fusion of classical elegance and modern art expressed in our unique stylistic approach.
    This project broadcasts the beautiful story of its owner because it is not just a place to live – it is a way of life.

    In a city that never sleeps, the interior must fully reflect the lifestyle of its owner, more akin to the most captivating Netflix series than everyday realities. We have designed the interior of a luxurious penthouse located in a premium neighborhood, right in the heart of New York – Midtown Manhattan.а.

    The interior of the penthouse is crafted in our unique style, combining classic elements with modern art.

    Thanks to expressive panoramic windows of interesting shapes, the atmosphere is charged with natural energy and becomes airy. The stunning ceiling design and the hanging installation made of two types of glass create the impression of an open portal to a parallel world. During the daytime, this installation will reflect light, creating the most extraordinary play of colors. Classic elements such as moldings, chevrons, and an original Corinthian column harmonize with vibrant decor and icons of furniture brands. In this way, we achieve a new interpretation of comfort and luxury. The tradition of working with the best furniture brands and premium materials that will last for years is embedded in the DNA of our Studio. The soft furnishings are represented by Minotti and Poltrona Frau in the key colors of 2021 – impeccable gray and lively yellow. The range of coffee and side tables is impressive in its diversity.

    The striking Kaws installation

    The striking two-meter Kaws installation in ultramarine shade was created exclusively upon request. The focal point of the living room is the artificial fireplace, adorned with gray-black velvet and embellished with Italian Python Black marble.

    Shelf Carroll, Store 54

    The stylish interior of the dining area combines the comfort of a home setting with the ambiance of the world's most luxurious restaurants. This space is perfect for intimate dinners with friends, productive work meetings, and lively receptions that will be remembered for a long time. Two stunning chandeliers, 'The Mother' by Baylar Atelier with black nickel finish, crown this area. The seating ensemble features the renowned Sculpt Chairs by Crate and Barrel Exclusive in a rare shade called 'Devon Corn.' Our own production, the Caroll shelf by Store 54, serves as a showcase for collectible decor. The decorative elements of patterned rolled glass on the shelf add absolute exclusivity, resembling miniature portals in the looking glass. The unique style of our studio is a reinterpretation of the timeless values of premium lifestyle and a modern interpretation of comfort and beauty. Our mission is to create a new quality of life. Considering numerous options and concepts, we gradually solve each task on the way to the perfect solution – an interior that unveils the client's individuality.

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