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Interior of apartments in Moscow City

Apartments in the skyscraper 'OKO'

Here’s the continuation of one of our projects - striking and luxurious apartments in the tallest residential building in Europe - the skyscraper 'OKO' in Moscow.
One of the living rooms in luxurious panoramic apartments with stunning views

The prestigious location, spacious layout, and panoramic glazing undoubtedly set a luxurious tone for the interior. In turn, Studia 54, anticipating desires, brings to life the boldest dreams of its owners. The result always exceeds expectations. Previously, we have already designed a magnificent living room and master suite, delightful children's rooms with a separate lounge. The second part of the project includes a study, a professional spa area, as well as a guest block.

Modern chic of the living room interior

The uniqueness of one of the living rooms in this project is expressed in the client's desire to combine it with a professionally equipped gym. For us, nothing is impossible, thanks to thoughtful planning and our unique style, the interior looks fresh and refined. There is a play of scales and precise observance of space proportions. Luxurious furniture creates an elegant atmosphere in the living room and emphasizes its unique style. Stained glass windows tempt with contemplation. Special attention is paid to lighting scenarios. An original solution is the suspended copper sheets with perforations through which light passes. They are complemented by minimalist fixtures, creating a special graphic effect.

Technogym fitness equipment, Italy.

For true sports enthusiasts, a professionally equipped home gym is gaining increasing value. The gym is equipped with Italian Technogym equipment, and the floor features special parquet designed for premium fitness spaces. The interior is adorned with wood panels, fulfilling another of the client's wishes.

The Patrizia Garganti chandelier and Porta Romana lamps create an exquisite interior image

The guest bedroom is designed in an effortless, luxurious aesthetic. The interior creates a sense of harmony, where nothing grabs attention or distracts from relaxation. The wide velvet headboard, adorned with brass inserts, becomes a splendid decorative element. The Patrizia Garganti chandelier adds a special refinement to the interior. The lighting scenario is also presented by elegant Porta Romana lamps. In tandem with the Flou bedside tables, they perfectly complement the graceful relaxation area.

The combination of contrasting tones and textures in the men's bathroom

The men's bathroom reflects a combination of strictness and sophistication embodied in a modern, bold format. The interior is dynamic, contrasting, and textured, catering to a young, self-assured individual.

Luxurious wardrobe accents - Panzeri chandelier, Fondovalle ceramic granite

The wardrobe predominantly features a minimalist palette and expressive textures, intended to create an atmosphere of true luxury. By working with noble materials and introducing exclusive accents, we craft a timeless luxury capable of giving the interior a special charm. The exquisite Panzeri chandelier is like an art installation, not merely decorating the wardrobe but elevating it to a new level. Thin brass accents, inserts of tinted mirrors, and thoughtful lighting enhance the effect.

The Minotti sofa, leather chairs by Poltrona Frau, and Eichholtz coffee tables create a socializing area

For many today, the study is the quintessence of personal taste. It is a special personal space where the choice of each item and work of art holds significance. Furniture from the finest European brands—Minotti, Poltrona Frau, Cattelan Italia, Eichholtz. These brands are firmly associated with luxury and thoughtful ergonomics. Finishes in marble, genuine leather, textured wood underscore the interior's status. Luxurious Porta Romana lamps, vibrant designer lighting models, and expressive installations complement the setting.

The expressive installation, Cattelan Italia dresser, and Porta Romana lamps create a striking visual sequence
A private massage room for quality relaxation
A personal cosmetology room

In the rapid pace of the modern world, comfortable and high-quality relaxation plays an increasingly important role. By incorporating massage and cosmetology rooms into the project, you elevate your comfort to a new level. Emphasizing expressive natural materials, earthy tones, and soft lighting, we have created a necessary, relaxing atmosphere in the massage room. The interior of the cosmetology room allows for the introduction of interesting accents, highlighting premium aesthetics. A special cabinet for storing professional cosmetics is also provided, maintaining the required temperature and humidity for an exceptional level of quality in aesthetic procedures.

Elegant pendant lights by Cattelan Italia

The guest bathroom looks luxurious thanks to the marble finish. Brass elements, combined with various lighting fixtures, accentuate the elegance of natural stone. Custom-made furniture and original decor, such as artwork, make the interior individual and reflect the refined aesthetics of the project.

An interior in dark tones becomes a beautiful backdrop for decor items and contemporary art

The foyer captivates attention with expressive decor objects and contemporary art. Dark tones give the interior depth, respectability, and a touch of mystery. An abstract painting rhymes with the intricate pattern of the marble floor. A composition of metallic pendants serves as stylish and functional decor. It embodies a modern chic, realized in the unique style of Studia 54.

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