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    Architectural project of a villa in Vasant Kunj, India

    Villa in Delhi: dear on the outside, priceless on the inside

    Studia 54 works all over the world and consistently deals with cultural, geographical, and ethnic contexts while keeping up with its style. A villa in India combines European and national approaches to architectural planning, giving it a modern look and a touch of surprise.


    The client wanted not only a family nest for several generations of heirs, but also a luxurious residence, suitable for hosting receptions with at least fifty guests. The trademark of the region requires that the house and its grounds be shielded from prying eyes as much as possible, so that it resembles a bunker. But inside, everything is allowed, so there had to be a public space with several private areas. That's why we designed a project for a two-story villa with an area of 1500 square meters. From the outside it may look reserved and inaccessible, but as soon as you enter it, it captivates with its grandeur and exquisite decoration.



    The house is planned according to Vastu — the Vedic system of knowledge about the construction and design of premises in compliance with the laws of nature. In India, Vastu Shastra (translated from Sanskrit as "the science of space") is revered. No important building is constructed without following the basic rules of Vastu.

    We have built the residence around the "entertainment center" which is a patio with a swimming pool. The facades of all the main rooms – living rooms, guest rooms, a bar area, and a hall – face the facility. It’s nice to chill on the patio during the Indian Siesta, and in the evening accent lighting reflects on the surface of the pool. The windows of the master bedroom overlook a tiny, one-room garden. Receptions are great, yet privacy is important beyond debate.



    The main entrance is designed to impress: a spacious hall with a double-height ceiling, a grand staircase and a sculpture captivating with its scale. The entrance further intrigues visitors by offering views of the house's treasuries through glass walls and panoramic windows.


    Facade Architecture

    A facade with a large area greatly enjoys a variety of architectural elements. In addition to the essential terraces, there are also canopies, cornices, and semi-open galleries. These architectural pieces make up a horizontal belt, our signature technique. 


    In tropical regions, this architectural technique serves a dual purpose by offering shade and protection from the elements.

    Decoration and Color Schemes

    Drawing inspiration from the scales of ancient temples, the entrance group of this architectural marvel evokes a sense of awe and grandeur. The image on a monumental, asymmetrical door, towering over two human heights, pays homage to traditional cult sculptures and is created with the assistance of neural networks, resulting in a striking and impressive feature.


    Considering the climatic conditions of hot countries, the facade's decoration serves a utilitarian purpose. Stone blinds, a courtyard canopy, and gallery panels on the second floor not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also provide shelter from the intense sun and occasional tropical downpours.


    The materials used in this architectural masterpiece reflect the opulence typically associated with luxury country houses in this region. They include natural stone, wood, and expansive panoramic glazing. The color palette draws inspiration from ethnic motifs and the symbolic shades of India, and the ivory-colored stone finish might be paying homage to the iconic Taj Mahal. The combination of ochre and graphite in the cornice either mirrors the hues found in a stone mortar with curry powder or is reminiscent of the vibrant foothills and peaks of the Tibetan Plateau.

    There are many more treasures hidden in this mansion, which will only be revealed to the chosen ones. Studia 54 also has a treasure trove. This is a folder which stores our projects of houses and interiors. We promise to share the best of what can be shown.

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