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    Restaurant for business meetings in a subtle luxury style


    Monochrome by Studia 54

    Studia 54 undertook a project for a multifunctional interior: the client needed a small office space and a place for business negotiations.


    The concept of the project

    The project was based in a space within a historical building — a former Moscow factory from the early 20th century. The client desired a monochromatic design — luxurious and glamorous, but without gold and crystal, minimalist yet impressive at first sight.


    The focal point of the office area is a round negotiation table and a suspended installation-light fixture with geometric texture and a concealed lightbox. The choice of forms is deliberate. Round tables, where participants sit shoulder to shoulder, foster teamwork and achievement of common goals — unlike rectangular ones. This is a vivid illustration not only of the aesthetic but also of the psychological function of design.

    A reception hall, several lounge areas, and a bar counter contribute to successful negotiations.


    Lighting design

    Warm lighting reconciles visitors with the strictness of the color scheme. We used fixtures and lamps of various geometries and materials, ensuring that a sense of luxurious moderation imbues each light source. Lighting solutions are designed so that shadows also contribute to creating the atmosphere.

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