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    Stylish apartment in Moscow

    The Ditre Italia sofa, paired with the Cattelan Italia coffee table

    Project description

    The new project by Studia 54 is a spacious apartment in Moscow designed for a family with a teenager. In accordance with the owners' wishes, we created a functional and stylish design. The concept revolves around a blend of classic warm tones and accent colors. Special attention was given to lighting scenarios and texture play.

    An expressive TV viewing area

    Living room interior

    The living room features a rich seating ensemble from Ditre Italia and an elegant Cattelan coffee table with a brass base, complementing the wooden panels of the TV area. Shelving units with built-in lighting and a textured back wall complete the ensemble.

    The living room transitions into the dining area
    The living room transitions into the dining area
    The bar counter with pendant lights shaped like sparks

    The living room and dining area are merged into an elegant interior rich in both texture and color, blending classical and modern ideas. In this space, one can not only enjoy preparing favorite dishes over a glass of red wine but also host splendid dinners with close friends and family.

    The Ilfari chandelier, resembling a meteor shower

    The bedroom interior

    In the master bedroom, a light beige color palette is complemented by terracotta accents and golden details. Every detail of the interior was chosen with great care. The incredible Ilfari chandelier brings a special airiness to the space, reminiscent of a meteor shower or fireworks. An elegant addition to the custom-made bed is the headboard crafted from genuine leather with a unique stitch pattern and inserts of tinted glass.

    Neon accents in the teenager's room

    Teenager's bedroom interior

    We have created a vibrant and elegant interior that caters to the tastes and preferences of every family member. The teenager's bedroom in our style is a bold blend of classic elements and vibrant accents. Warm wood tones, contrasting lighting, and bold decor create an engaging interior that appeals not only to teenagers but also to their parents. We have incorporated ample storage space and a functional workspace.

    The guest restroom with a custom-made unique mirror

    The interior of the bathroom

    We decorated the walls of the restroom with tinted panels made from natural wood. A mirror with a metal ring and built-in lighting, combined with unique pendant lights and a luxurious pattern of large-format ceramic granite on the floor, continue the theme of restrained luxury.

    Interiors crafted in our unique style are always distinctive and reflect their owners' tastes. They are a fusion of exquisite materials and luxurious design. At Studia 54, our priorities are your comfort, individual approach, and delivering an unmatched result.

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