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    The apartments in the "Snegiri" residential complex


    Project description

    The project in the "Snegiri" residential complex was designed for a young woman. The main priority for the client was to create an interior where she could relax and entertain family and friends. The total area covers 240 square meters, and our goal was to maximize the functional use of the space. A standout feature of the interior is the covered terrace with a retractable roof, featuring a luxurious fireplace adorned with ceramic granite that mimics metal. It makes a striking impression. Above the elegant olive-colored sofa, brass metallic feathers hang gracefully. Thanks to the shelter, the owners need not worry about the weather conditions and can gather with friends by the fireplace even if it rains or the wind blows outside. There's also an open terrace area where a living green hedge provides a sense of connection with nature. Comfortable loungers offer a perfect spot to spend the entire weekend.

    An oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of a bustling city
    An oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of a bustling city

    Thanks to natural and eco-friendly materials, we achieved a sense of harmony with nature

    The refined interior reflects the character of its owner, with a pervasive natural theme throughout the project. An extraordinary amber-colored feather-like glass chandelier serves as the room's centerpiece. Warm tones contribute to a harmonious atmosphere. An asymmetrical composition on the wall features a perforated metal insert. The coffee table, crafted according to our bespoke design, not only complements the furniture beautifully but also serves multiple functions. It was created in collaboration between Studia 54 and the Italian furniture factory Medea.


    Harmony in every detail

    Natural motifs extend into the bedroom, complemented by natural tones, decorative elements, and eco-friendly materials. The floor is crafted from natural wood, while a plush carpet in a noble shade adds unique coziness to the room. The bed's headboard is upholstered in genuine leather, complemented by wooden panels with tinted glass accents.

    The vertical Terzani chandelier

    Bathroom interior

    The bathroom interior features vertical profile lighting. An elegant Terzani chandelier fills the space with warm light. The floor is adorned with ceramic granite tiles featuring a rich marble pattern, while wooden walls continue the natural theme.

    The elegant Cattelan Italia mirror resembles a precious gemstone

    The guest bathroom is adorned with a luxurious Cattelan Italia mirror. The walls are decorated with wooden and tinted mirrored panels. A cabinet with leather doors adds its own intriguing accent.

    The exquisite Brand Van Egmond chandelier

    The interior of the dressing room

    A well-designed dressing room allows the owner to spend less time getting ready in the mornings. The facades of the central island are adorned with noble green suede, while the sides feature wooden rails combined with tinted black mirrors. As the centerpiece of the composition, we installed a magnificent crystal chandelier from Brand Van Egmond. This chandelier is a true work of art.

    The modern apartment for the young lady is a place where functionality meets unique design. We took into account all the owner's wishes, resulting in an exclusive interior with natural motifs.

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