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    Architectural project of a country house with a swimming pool in Moscow

    Resort atmosphere of the residential building

    Living in the countryside is above all about privacy and comfort. The team at Studia 54 designed a 1160 m² 4-bedroom house that fulfills the client's most important wish — the feeling of a sunny holiday resort in one's own home. This was an ambitious task, where functionalism and weightless forms had to be combined.

    We designed for the client a modern minimalist house with multiple seating areas. Clean lines, geometric shapes and the predominance of horizontal elements give it a light yet luxurious look. The smooth textured natural stone facades on the first floor and the light-coloured finishes give the building the appearance of a holiday villa.

    In a project like this, you can't avoid an outdoor terrace. We achieved the southern villa effect by emphasizing open spaces and interaction with nature. Here, the large-area swimming pool stretches strictly along the terrace. The result is a tranquil and secluded place designed for comfortable living.

    The automatic awning makes the area more functional. It allows you to shelter from the weather or hide from the sun on the terrace.




    The entrance area is accentuated with elegant lighting. In front of the house, there is a neatly planned garage area with a driveway.

    The built-in garage with large glass gates harmonizes with the overall architectural style.

    A thoughtful approach to the design of the space, where functionality meets aesthetics, and even utilitarian elements, such as the garage, look stylish and organic.

    Large panoramic windows provide plenty of natural light inside and connect the interior space with the surrounding nature.


    The soft zone with fireplace is a center of attraction for family and guests. Here there is a complete merging with nature. And even on the coldest evenings, it will be a pleasant place to spend time.

    For the design of country houses, we always use innovative developments and current design solutions. They comply with the latest energy efficiency standards. We transform your wishes and special requirements into functional and spacious layouts and select high quality building materials.


    The house is surrounded by pillars, as if it were a villa in an Italian town. Here, tradition meets innovation. Each architectural project from Studia 54 proves that individual design is a guarantee of exceptional comfort and a chance to realise your dreams.

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