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Interior design of a flat in a new-build house

We present a new flat project by Studia 54, realised in Moscow. The key challenge set by the client was the need to preserve the layout of the flat. Our design team approached this challenge creatively, proposing unique design solutions that we specially adapted for this space.

The living room

The centerpiece of the house is the living room, which is the heart of the home and a gathering place for the whole family. We have created an atmosphere of real comfort. The unique feature of the living room layout is the columns, which visually limit the space. To avoid this, we clad them with a mirrored panel, which was not only stylish, but also a functional decision, This allows you to visually expand the space. The columns seem to disappear, and the attention is no longer focused on them

We have developed a unique solution for the TV zone within the framework of this project. A recessed niche with a marble slab in Bronze Amani colour and soft diffused light creates an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Built-in storage niches make efficient use of space, adding functionality and style to the interior.

Dining area

From the choice of materials to the storage solutions, the kitchen area was designed to combine practicality at every level. We used brass-coloured metal fronts to create harmony in the space. The quartz apron with marble imitation perfectly matches the dynamic floor pattern.

An expressive pendant lamp from the Italian manufacturer Terzani has been chosen for the dining area. It echoes the geometrically shaped crystal chandelier hanging above the living room. Placing several chandeliers at different heights allows to achieve a visual division of space, giving it sophistication and style.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is decorated in delicate colours, where suede panels decorated with brass geometric elements add complexity and sophistication to the interior.

The bed from the brand FiftyFourms with an elongated headboard is a bold decision. It seems to be an imposing detail, but if you play it competently, it will make the environment more luxurious. The composition is complemented by laconic bedside tables from the same brand in beige shades.

The dressing room turned out to be very functional. At the customer's request, an open storage system was organized. We kept the unified style of the master bedroom, and stretched brown shades throughout the dressing room and bathroom. A restrained colour palette dominates here, with noble finishing materials that direct attention to the elegance and comfort of the space.

Room for a son

Son's bedroom space wonderfully combines understated and brutal accents, creating an interior that will remain relevant and appealing throughout his growing up years. The eye-catching geometry of the pattern above the headboard of the bed gives the room a unique character.

The workstation is organized by the window, so the desk is abundant with daylight, creating the perfect environment for studying or creating. The colour palette of the son's bathroom harmoniously complements his bedroom, forming a coherent spatial solution.

The unique layout of the flat gives each member of the family a private space with their own bathroom and dressing room, providing comfort and independence in everyday life.

Daughters' bedroom

The girls' room was the epitome of delicacy and femininity. In their common space, we have carefully divided the zones to make each one cosy and comfortable. Each of them has a private workplace by the window, and soft pastel shades of the walls visually enlarge the room, filling it with light and air. The bathroom has individual sinks for convenience, and a mirror with a non-standard shape adds zest to the interior.

As part of the design project for the spacious family flat, we used a variety of textures and materials, making each room unique. Despite the individuality of each room, the general style unites the whole interior, demonstrating the harmony and thoughtfulness of the space.

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