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Architectural project of a private house in the Czech Republic

A modern-style house on a large plot

The house near Prague is a project with a unique history. This is the second development of a modern architectural project for a house by Studia 54 for the same client. Last time, we created an architectural design for a country house that the client liked so much that he wanted to repeat it. But this time, on a larger and more grand scale.

For this house project, the client specifically selected a larger plot. This allowed for the realization of a unique placement of the house on the plot: usually, a building touches the boundary of the plot on at least one side, but this time the house stands right in the center of the territory. This creates an effect of seclusion, privacy, and boundless space.

Moreover, the unique centering of the house allowed for installing panoramic glazing almost around the entire perimeter. The panoramic glazing involves extensive facade glazing with large glass panels mounted in metal frames. Compared to regular panoramic glazing, this solution looks more graceful and aesthetic.

Another unconventional solution in the project is the separation of the main entrance and the driveway for cars. Usually, territorial constraints imply that the garage and the central entrance are located side by side. In this project, the garage is on the left side of the central entrance, and the entrance to it is from the side facade. Thus, the internal courtyard near the main entrance always remains quiet and clean.

Modern architecture is architecture of smart solutions. Everything is thought out in the project of the house in the Czech Republic: the complex form of the facade serves not only as a dynamic guide when interpreting the building's shape but also has a practical function.

The second-floor terrace duplicates the shape of the pedestal and foundation, and the upper floor itself serves as a canopy for the summer kitchen.

The house project includes five terraces: a summer kitchen with a lounge area and a bio fireplace, a terrace for yoga, and three terraces with picturesque views of the garden for all family members on the second floor.

On the first floor of the house, there is a living area with a kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, a gym, a spacious women's dressing room with an equipped workshop, and a four-car garage. Also, a unique living room with dual lighting is designed on the first floor: thanks to the absence of a ceiling partition in the living room, a two-tone space is created. On the second floor, there are children's rooms, a master bedroom, and dressing rooms.

The house is clad in premium materials such as ceramic granite and natural wood. The exterior finish follows the principle of architectural contrast: the warm tone of the wood harmoniously complements the cold tone of the stone, and rough surfaces blend with smooth details.

An asymmetric composition is a characteristic feature of modern architecture. Vertical elements form a diagonal, creating dynamism, while horizontal overlaps repeat each other's shape, creating a cyclical effect and a sense of completeness.

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