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    Architectural project of a country house with landscape design

    Unique look of a country house in Moscow

    An incredibly beautiful and majestic country house with a total area of 2500 square meters is located in Moscow. The two-story beauty has absorbed the power and stature of nature: this is reflected in the colors in which it is decorated and in the materials (we used a lot of stone and wood). It rises monumentally against the backdrop of an artfully laid garden, fountains and ponds.

    The site is covered with stony pathways that allow you to explore the sound and view-rich landscape, while the house itself captivates with its friendly atmosphere and comfort.


    The entry area is striking in its beauty and scope. A wooden path leads to a rockery inspired by a Japanese rock garden. Karesansui, a term that literally translates as "dry mountains and waters," is arranged in circular lines. This symbolizes waves rushing towards the shore, which also signifies "reaching a goal". The stones themselves are sawn and lighting has been implanted inside, this gives the garden a magical appearance at dusk.

    On the left there is a niwaki tree, whose trunk and crown are extravagantly shaped. To the right there is a decorative fountain. Thus, already from the front area, a special mood of relaxation and peace is created.


    The main terrace of the house is represented by a soft sofa group, which allows you to enjoy the garden view or spend evenings outdoors.

    A bio fireplace built into a column adds personality to the terrace and at the same time gives coziness and an atmosphere of warmth. Dozens of tiny lights, resembling inverted candles, add a touch of opulence, blending harmoniously into the design.

    The terrace can also be transformed into the perfect place for a party: all you have to do is plunge the house into darkness and light the lamps and luminaires. These lights will reflect on the water surface of the ponds and fountains with numerous reflections.


    The walls of the residence are partially glazed, allowing you to view the interior of the house from the outside.

    It is worth paying attention to the unusual landscape design - we have preserved the natural ground relief of the site, dividing them into squares and framing them with black granite. As the result we have got flowerbeds with dwarf conifers, shrubs, and decorative ponds. The system of fogging, in turn, adds special charm to the garden.

    Another decorative attribute of the exterior design is an abstract sculpture of disks made of brass. To some it may remind several miniature planets of Saturn.


    The panoramic windows allow the residence to glow like a huge lantern at night, and the different types of stone used in the facade make it surprisingly attractive - in any light. We managed to keep the style and blend the building seamlessly into its surroundings. The architecture of the house practically blends in with the landscape.

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