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Ecological style of apartment interior

Project of the season: ecological interior
Natural interior is a trend that involves the use of natural materials and textures and the creation of comfortable conditions at the intersection of nature and modernity. The project of the season by Studia 54 is the embodiment of a seamless fusion of natural and artifice.

The content of the natural interior is reduced to harmony and lightness. It is characterized by an abundance of air, natural light, a minimum of furniture and decor and is not characterized by the division of one room into different zones. On the contrary, an ecological interior is a single free space without clear boundaries.

In creating the interior, we used natural materials - wood, textiles, leather, stone - and integrated live plants. It is a kind of symbiosis of nature and human view of the house.

In the color scheme, we favored shades of brown, gray, yellow and sandy, white. Brown is associated with wood, earth. It is the color of solidity, bringing a special coziness to the room; gray reminds of natural stone. Its neutrality has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, peaceful and relaxing; yellow, sandy - shades of sun and sand, they bring warmth to the room; and, finally, white - a neutral tone, symbolizing purity.

With the help of color combinations in the room you can recreate various natural pictures, or you can be inspired by the landscape and use its colors.

We also paid special attention to lighting - panoramic windows let in natural light, and floor lamps and pendants are placed equally, at different heights, so that all areas of the room are filled with light to the maximum. Chandeliers, shaped like jellyfish, are an accent element.

The furniture retains its streamlined forms and functionality. There is no room for pretentiousness and complexity, everything is based on natural proportions and structures, and each element is reminiscent of nature.

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