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Interior of a villa in Dubai with bright accents

Villa in Dubai with bright accents

Introducing our brand new ultra-bright project in Dubai. This interior is all about fantastic installations, unusual colour solutions and rare natural finishing materials. Fresh and enigmatic, this colourful project is striking with its monumentality.
Unusual hanging installation made of transparent green disks

The owners, a young couple, who travel very often and own real estate in many countries around the world, wanted this villa to become their family nest in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Since they spend most of the year working here, this villa is supposed to become a place for parties, friends reunions and special events.

Island aquarium on the first floo

This gorgeous living room with green accents has become the centrepiece of the whole house. Due to the precise choice of the soft group, this luxurious living room can be used as a family space or as the main location for a great party. Soft beige furniture by Vladimir Kagan, green and purple sofas by Eichholtz are accompanied by delicate coffee and magazine tables in metal and marble by Eichholtz. Ceiling installations, combinations with bright accents, a comfortable furniture group with a fireplace, incredible decor – this is what living rooms are designed for.

Fireplace as a centre of attraction

Flexible design or multifunctional design is dominating interiors trend list. A large total area of the house and a free layout allow you to live in absolute comfort; and the interior can be adjusted to different lifestyles of each family member. The flexibility of such design approach is manifested in a new, original way when it comes to dividing zones, especially for different spaces to connect and become one story. A magical aquarium separates the living room area with a second light from the dining area. And a luxurious pendant-style fireplace with curved metal sheets perfectly separates the main lounge area and the intimate living room with a grand piano. In modern interiors, a fireplace does not only create a warm atmosphere but also becomes an independent art object. It is the heart of the house, hence why its design has to be flawless. During cold Dubai nights, it would be providing enough heat on the first floor.

Small living room, sofa and decor provided by Eichholtz

The trend for two living rooms is getting more and more popular around the world. The second living room in this project is designed for a small group of people. Here we placed a stunning transparent grand piano and a sophisticated Eichholtz sofa with a group of marble coffee tables. It would become a pleasant routine to spend time there with your family, over a glass of digestif in the evening or a coffee in the morning.

Fantastic spiral staircase is located in the hallway and leads to the second floor with master and guest premises

In a modern house, a spiral staircase has become not just a functional structure that needs less space than a regular staircase, but an interior decoration. Carved from black and white marble, this staircase has transformed the ground floor into the art space. This type of staircase has been chosen not only because of the high ceilings, but also due to the owners request. In addition to our favourite trick – integrated staircase lighting – we have decorated the hallway with a dazzling glass installation that looks like a magical dance of fireflies.

Kaws Small Lie sculpture in the dining area

The atmosphere of this enchanting dining area is charged with positivity, due to the bright accents and stylish reflective decor. In addition to the beige and blue dining furniture, we chose bright golden Terzani chandelier, mirrored Kaws installation and Eichholtz bra in a form of golden palm leaves.

Large kitchen island with undermount refrigerators

Natural materials would never go out of fashion, and what's more, they can perfectly fit into the kitchen interior. If you are going for a light interior, various colours and patterns of noble materials, such as wood, marble or velvet, are supposed to add neat, delicate accents to the overall composition. The large kitchen island with built-in lighting creates an overwhelming effect due to its exclusivity. The massive tabletop with integrated lighting is made of black Nero Marquina quartz agglomerate and a brassframe.

Bright and functional kitchen unit

Modern and elegant ivory kitchen set has become a perfect part of the kitchen interior. Its design represents an enclosed kitchen unit, hence why it does not clutter up the room and has plenty of space.

Bright master bathroom

In the gorgeous bathroom we placed Masiero chandelier and beautiful marble decor. We always pay special attention to the vanity cabinet. It is decorated with a delicate handmade painting, which texture looks like psilomelane. Side panels are made of semi-transparent glass with integrated lighting.

Freestanding Antonio Lupi sink

The modern bathroom interior is moving onto the next level, acquiring more and more features of a spa&wellness centre to maintain an atmosphere of absolute comfort. Master bathroom layouts in our projects include not only free-standing baths, but also smart shower systems with audio and aqua therapy. In the second bathroom, the atmosphere is filled with magic, all because of the silver Terzani chandelier and light reflection. The base of Antonio Lupi freestanding sink is made of wood, and the top is made of semi-transparent resin.

Basilisk wall panels, FiftyFourms

Productivity throughout the day is directly related to the quality of your sleep. We focus on the lighting scenario, healthy climate and soft relaxed atmosphere. A beautiful interior is all about details, such as balanced colour combinations, natural non-toxic materials, automatic smart curtains and customized lighting. Basilisk wall panels are upholstered with luxurious, soft velvet in two colour variations - light grey and French grey. The central part is decorated with miniature rhombic stitching that looks like snake scale. With this wall decoration, you can add softness to the atmosphere of any interior by using them as panels or a headboard.It is important for us to carefully select the combination of materials and textures that will create an alluring desire to dive into this atmosphere. Interiors by Studia 54 is a combination of unique style, personalised approach and the highest quality craftsmanship at every stage. Our mission is to create a new quality of life, a comfortable environment for your personal life.

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