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Architectural project of residence with a lush garden in Casablanca

Residence with a lush garden in Casablanca

The new Studia 54 project is located in Casablanca, a port city along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The region is renowned for its subtropical climate, with a gentle ocean breeze that perfectly alleviates the summer heat.

In designing the residence, we took into account not only the climatic but also the cultural features. The clients desired privacy but didn't want to completely enclose the property with a tall fence around the lush garden. Therefore, we opted for a low fence, partially isolating the house from prying eyes while preserving the beauty of the growing trees inside.

The residence is divided into two wings, with the right wing designated for the family and the left wing for guests. Between them, there is an inner courtyard with a lush garden. It's important to note that each wing has a separate entrance, a design choice made with privacy considerations in mind.

The guest wing features a designated entrance area. Before reaching the guest doors, bamboo trees greet visitors on the left, while tall columns made of hewn stone stand on the right. This creates a harmonious synergy between nature and the exterior, welcoming guests with a blend of natural and architectural elements.

The entrance is adorned with a two-tone artistic stained glass, on top of which an abstract painting is applied. The canopy is made of metallic inserts, mimicking the appearance of wood. The avant-garde glazed openings in the roof were conceived not only as unconventional architectural elements but also as an additional means to enhance natural lighting. The sunlight reflected off the stained glass surface creates dozens of tiny sunbeams, adding a playful touch to the surroundings. 

In the evening, the entrance area will be bathed in warm, enchanting light from the central chandelier. The design of the chandelier is inspired by traditional Moroccan lighting fixtures, adding a touch of cultural flair to the ambiance.

The entrance to the family wing is separated from the guest area by a decorative metal partition, behind which lies an inner garden. An accent composition made of solid stones, embedded with linear lighting, further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space.

The residence features two parking zones, the first being an above-ground area covered by a canopy. Directly opposite are small artificial waterfalls surrounded by palms and shrubbery, creating a scenic and serene atmosphere.

The country house boasts a fully equipped basement level, featuring the second underground parking, lounge space, a gym, a pool, a bar, a spa area, a massage room, and a home theater. One of the client's requests was to integrate the garage into the interior, so we placed a cigar room opposite, with glass walls providing a transparent view.

Most of the plot is dedicated to a garden showcasing a rich variety of flora indigenous to the region: cypress trees, stone oaks, cedars, junipers, alpine plants, and this is just a small fraction of the overall diversity. To maximize the enjoyment of the garden, we incorporated three open terraces, allowing the homeowners and guests to admire the garden from multiple perspectives.

The residence also features a hot tub and an outdoor pool adorned with a statue of a bull, symbolizing vitality and perseverance. This sculpture serves as an embodiment of life force and determination, enhancing the overall symbolism of the outdoor space.

The facade is crafted from travertine, with a distinct horizontal pattern reminiscent of dry brushstroke techniques in painting. This design choice adds a unique and artistic touch to the exterior, creating a visual appeal akin to brushstrokes on canvas.

In addition to the main garden designed primarily for hosting gatherings with a large group of friends and relatives, the residence also features a private garden. This secluded space is separate from the main garden and is located within the family wing, providing a more intimate and personal outdoor area for the residents.

This secluded corner is the embodiment of harmony and aesthetically pleasing space. The pathways are made of travertine, bordered by neatly trimmed shrubs. An artificial water feature serves as the focal point. The black granite, upon which a statue of a young girl is placed, also doubles as a small waterfall. In its creation, we drew inspiration from the Japanese device called 'shishi-odoshi,' traditionally used to deter wild animals. By tweaking the design, we achieved a contemplative water feature with a natural form that accentuates simplicity and meticulously curated casualness. Thus, it seamlessly integrates into the landscape, as if it has always been a part of it.

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