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Stylish interior with contrasting accents

Stylish interior with contrasting accents

Presenting our new project - an elegant interior in light tones with contrasting accents.
Floor lamps by Paolo Castelli and Terzani, and a glass coffee table by Pulpo

Harmonious and intriguing space creates a comfortable atmosphere, promotes a wonderful mood, and overall exudes a sense of well-being. Additionally, it allows the owner's personality to be reflected. The status of the apartment is emphasized by natural materials such as marble floors, leather panels, onyx finishes with brass decor. Panoramic windows fill the space with light and air, while a thoughtful lighting scenario allows for creating an ambiance that corresponds to the mood at any given moment.

Furniture by Italian brands B&B Italia and Minotti

The thoughtful, meticulously designed interior is filled with timeless pieces by Italian brands. Among them are furniture by B&B Italia and Minotti, floor lamps by Paolo Castelli and Terzani. The chandelier, resembling a crystal waterfall, is custom-made. The voluminous wall with backlighting and textile panels echoes the pattern of the floor made of noble natural wood. All of this has allowed the creation of an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

The details of the living room interior

The owners wanted to achieve a bright interior using natural materials, in a calm color palette, with the presence of color accents. 

An elegant dining room with color accents

This desire is reflected in the interior of the dining area, separated from the living room by an intricate glass partition. An exquisite Serip chandelier, a Cattelan dining table, and chairs in a rich shade create an attention-grabbing composition.

A striking kitchen and bar area

The kitchen leaves a special impression with its black polished facades, marble countertop on the island, and sparkling brass details. Textured bar stools seamlessly complement the interior. The striking Bomma pendant light with double lens-shaped details creates a beautiful play of light.

Graphic Cattelan mirror, custom leather cabinet

The hall space is multi-layered: deep tones and textural richness of voluminous textile panels, a custom leather cabinet, a multifaceted Cattelan mirror, all elements brought into perfect balance. Golden hardware and accessories have been used in almost every room, infusing festivity and elegance throughout.

The bed headboard, serving as an independent decorative element in the bedroom

An accent chandelier in the bedroom always creates a special mood. The wide curved headboard of the bed serves as a luxurious decorative element. Modern beds not only invite relaxation but also provide aesthetic pleasure. Table lamps and a soft bench contribute to the color accents in the room.

The soft palette of the master bedroom harmoniously incorporates color accents
A composition featuring Zieta mirrors and a Terzani chandelier

The master bedroom is complemented by a bathroom and two separate walk-in closets: one for him and one for her. The unique pattern of natural stone, a composition of Zieta mirrors in non-standard shapes, and the striking Terzani chandelier make the master bathroom truly individual. Moreover, the sophisticated design does not compromise its functionality.

The cabinet is finished with a combination of leather, brass, and onyx

The cabinet is finished with a combination of leather, brass, and onyx

The wardrobe is adorned with Ilfari chandelie

The wardrobe is adorned with Ilfari chandelie

The women's walk-in closet is a space where each element should be particularly aesthetic. The Ilfari chandelier sets the tone for the entire room. The palette of muted tones is balanced by the tactile appeal of materials and elegant decor.

Cipher pendant lights

In the men's walk-in closet, the visual focal point is undoubtedly the custom-made, strict, and elegant island adorned with velvet and tinted glass. The functional closed storage system and designer lighting elements create a prestigious interior befitting the owner.

Contrasting porcelain stoneware in the guest bathroom

The guest bathroom is clad in contrasting porcelain stoneware and mirrored panels. Thanks to the backlighting, this solution looks particularly advantageous. The mirror and the velvet-clad cabinet are custom-made.

A bed with an original headboard and hand-painted walls in the children's room

The girls' bedrooms are very delicate and airy, continuing the established stylistic theme of light interiors with contrasting accents. Each of them has its own character.

Like a suspended chandelier, complementing the fairy-tale motifs of the interior
Cantori nightstands, Lampatron pendant lights

 One of the rooms is adorned with hand-painted botanical motifs, while the other features a stylish relief panel. Original bed headboards and 'floating' lights add individuality to the interior. Thanks to elegant furniture, the children's rooms are filled with a sense of lightness.

Pendant lights by Tudo And Co in the children's bathroom

The enveloping palette and expressive textures create a soft, cozy atmosphere in the girls' bathroom. Custom-made furniture and decor allow for the realization of original ideas and the creation of a unique interior.

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