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    Modern apartment design in dark colors in the USA

    Interior in El Paso with a predominance of a dark color palette

    In recent years, interiors in dark tones have become highly sought after, and it's not surprising, as the result is sure to be elegant and sophisticated. Glossy surfaces of furniture items, the matte finish of materials, and the refinement of decorative elements, when combined, create a stylish and chic image. The clients opted for a design with a predominance of brown, gray, and black tones. The outcome is an elite, modern interior that carries an aura of mystery and mystique.

    Family Living Room

    The living room is a true epitome of grace. Every detail, every element of decor speaks of refinement – here, harmony is maintained between rectangular and round shapes.


    Lighting in the living room should be multifunctional. The ceiling installation serves as the main source of light. However, it can also function as a full-fledged decoration for the room – glass crystals resemble frozen water droplets, ready to fall from the ceiling. The seating area is equipped with local lighting in the form of a floor lamp, which highlights interior details and provides light zoning. Such soft, diffused light is suitable for reading and family or friends gatherings.

    Panoramic windows offer a view of the majestic Franklin Mountains and ensure a high level of natural light in the room. However, we have also provided blinds for all windows in case the owners want to enjoy the cool shade during the daytime. For furniture, we selected Woodwell and Pawn coffee tables that complement the overall composition.

    A spacious wine cabinet, recessed into a corner niche and bordered by an insert of black veneer, seamlessly fits into the design. To break up the dark palette, we added a few bright accent elements – pumpkin and cherry-colored cushions and a custom rug in the color of the leaves of a wild forest.


    The clients requested to keep the existing shape of the gas fireplace but replace the finishing stone. We addressed this by framing the fireplace surround with black marble of the Statuario Nero variety. On the left side, there is a decorative curved screen with integrated lighting, which separates the zones of the first and second living rooms.



    Living room

    The second living room in the house is a somewhat more private space. The soft seating group features sofas from Minotti. Walls clad in veneer are adorned with decorative brass appliqués resembling patterns left by the wind on sandy dunes. The ceiling installation resembles crystals of orange quartz. In the center, Elemento coffee tables are placed, their different shapes and sizes adding dynamism to the space.


    Dining room

    The living room smoothly transitions into the dining area, allowing for a seamless transition from casual conversation to dining. At the entrance, on the left and right, two decorative sculptures are installed. The dining area itself is done in a dark color palette, with black dominating – the back wall is adorned with smooth MDF panels featuring inserts of tinted glass and metallic wallpaper. A light dining table enlivens the room, while the green upholstery of the chairs adds a color accent.


    Dining area

    The dining area, adjacent to the kitchen and family living room, harmonizes with the overall interior. Concise beige furniture complements the dark wall finish, while the Champagne pendant chandelier from Terzani serves as a vibrant accent piece.

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