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    Modern architecture of a villa in Singapore

    Tropical villa in Singapore with underground aquarium

    Have you ever dreamed of having your own sea world from the comfort of your own home? It's time to realize all your dreams and give yourself a real comfortable home for limitless relaxation. Our new villa project in Singapore is the epitome of architecture that can do anything.
    A distinctive feature of this project is an internal garden with a deep artificial pond with its own fauna, as well as rotating metal partitions on the second floor gallery

    The living spaces - front and master suites, six guest bedrooms, gym and spa, library and several outdoor dining areas - are arranged around the perimeter of the house, with a tropical garden atrium at the center. The clients wanted to be in constant interaction with nature, so our first priority was to make plants and an artificial pond with fish an integral part of the architecture. The deep aquarium extends all the way to the glazed underground parking lot, which adds a special glamour and novelty to the project. The picturesque Singapore region as a backdrop, spacious terraces with grandiose views, open floor plans in each wing and a comfortable light interior are just some of the features that make this villa a dream come true. The three key elements of the house - snow-white walls, wood and golden metal - are quite typical of Singapore's architectural landscape.

    Under the expressive gallery connecting the house's two wings, master unit and spa wing, there is a terrace with a soft area and a white spiral staircase

    Taking into account the splendor of the landscape, we began designing this home so that each room would not only look fashionable and attractive, but also provide an opportunity to admire the scenic view. The idea for the second floor gallery was born from the clients, who decided to move their art collection into their summer home and organize a wide art space for themselves and friends. Panoramic glazing makes the most significant contribution to this task. As you move around the house, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish where the boundary between the interior and exterior spaces is. To create this effect, we designed a terrace with a soft area and a white spiral staircase under the expressive gallery that connects the two wings of the house, the master block and the spa wing. Predominantly used for the facades were sapstone, white porcelain stoneware, black brick, and wood, the organic textures of which contribute to a warm and cozy atmosphere. Neutral shades dominate the design palette.

    Dining room on the open air

    The combination of stylish architectural design and indoor fauna, aquarium and garden, so natural that the house seems to have been created by nature itself, makes an indelible impression. It is precisely such modern architecture and innovative solutions that allow real estate objects to increase their value in the premium market.

    The deep aquarium occupies the volume up to the glazed underground parking lot, which adds a special chic and novelty to this project

    Our unique design technologies and stylistic techniques allow us to build country houses in accordance with the latest trends in comfort and energy balance. We combine your preferences and the most exceptional wishes in convenient layouts, select materials and quality engineering systems to match the temperature conditions.  

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