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    Architectural project of a house and landscape design of a plot in Moscow

    Picturesque house in a cottage village on Novorizhskoye highway

    Do you feel the breath of nature itself, the charming murmur of water cascades, the sound of leaves? We are pleased to present our new project of a family residence in the Moscow region.
    A new level of life in the countryside - your personalized world from Studia 54

    A young family turned to us for the project of their first large-scale country house, ordering a comprehensive turnkey design, including construction, together with interior and landscape design. In front of you is just the beginning of a big story. Unfolding around a large indoor garden, the architecture and exclusive landscape design merged into a grandiose integrated project. The architects' main task was to create a harmonious blend of architecture, nature and art. This house can be rightly called the embodiment of the advanced concept of modern living in the countryside, for productive work and quality rest.

    The centerpiece of the landscape design was a composition of waterfall lilies in the main courtyard, an exquisite technique for creating a sophisticated design and correcting site imperfections

    After the pandemic, people have become more attentive to selecting countryside real estate and managing investments in residential property. The uniqueness of the project ensures real liquidity and the prospect of the house increasing in value over time - this is ensured by popular layouts, high quality facade materials, well-maintained plot, and matching interior solutions with the exterior. Architecture should not be random - every decision should have a meaning, and the meaning of the project is filled with personalization and innovative engineering technologies. We combine the result of the team's work in convenient layouts, creating an architecture that takes into account the interests of future owners and the peculiarities of the location. We always think about the fact that the project at first sight will be liked by people who will open a new exciting chapter of their lives there.

    The unfolding architecture of Studia 54 allows you to realize your dream of your own suburban world, according to your rules and for your comfort

    We turned to the traditional silhouette of our architecture and the modern trend for flowing lines, aiming for emotionality and energy efficiency. The rooms flow seamlessly into each other, also forming their own internal "interior landscape". Imagine walking through the expanse of this residence and smelling a mixture of unique aromas - the smell of wet earth after rain and the fragrance of blossoming cherry trees. One of the key challenges we faced was designing the intricate multi-level landscape and outdoor terraces. The owners of the plot have always dreamed of something unusual and incredible, a landscape design on the verge of fantasy, which would be perfectly combined with the architecture of the house.

    Discover a new way of life - together with Studia 54

    The most important thing for suburban architecture is to create an atmosphere and give a new level of comfort, not comparable to the urban routine. Unity with nature can evoke the most vivid emotions - architecture should be in unison with nature, inside and out. Country vacation also allows you to cope with stress and come to awareness - architectural and design solutions are tuned to the same wave with your lifestyle.

    Well-maintained adjacent territory disposes to long walks and family picnics away from the city bustle

    Laconic appearance of our revealing architecture style, thoughtful volume-planning solution and personalized details - the project becomes the first chapter of a new beautiful story. Two wings of the house, public and personal, several outdoor terraces, a large SPA-complex - in a renewed, comfortable, favorite environment new heights are conquered, new useful habits are created and the mood is maintained.

    Exclusive landscaping

    Each plot of land has its own set of features: sunny side, trees, shrubs and soil type. To ensure that your personal garden is always beautiful, it is important to take everything into account. We bring a touch of nature into every design project, from materials to patterns, and in architecture, we make the house one with the surrounding landscape. A garden of continuous blooms will create a colorful and vibrant landscape no matter the season. The plants selected by landscape architects in such a garden change each other from early spring to late fall. The energy of nature at home: choosing architectural design from Studia 54, you not only get an exclusive country house, but also start a new stage of life in comfort and security.

    Terrace. Furniture – Crate&Barrel

    If you are looking for an atmosphere of freedom and creative search, a well-groomed area for walks alone with nature, a comfortable layout for each member of the family - comprehensive design of premium residences by Studia 54 will help you achieve the desired result, solve all problems and give you a secluded, modern world in harmony with nature and your lifestyle.

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