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    Modern interior with fireplace in the house

    New season project: glass flora

    Seasonal projects from Studia 54 are interiors for visionaries. Today, it's a render; tomorrow, it's a trend that others will follow. Floral motifs are reaching new heights: it's no longer just an allusion or a silhouette, but a straightforward installation.A glass tree, protected by glass, positioned above the fireplace's flames – the flora of the modern world, delicate and in need of protection.

    The subtle beauty of nature is in the limelight. The metal screen at the window refers to the cactus thickets, the vases near the sofa group resemble fruits of physalis. As water grinds stone, so the curves of the balcony and furniture smooth out the large-scale, cool space of the living room.

    Straight lines and sharp angles contrast starkly with the curves of furniture and decor. Yet, this doesn't lead to conflict; a designer must be able to reconcile forms, shades, and textures. The energy of contrast can destroy, or it can be the missing element that triggers catharsis in the viewer. 

    The emotional center of the living room reveals the themes of reconciliation, closeness, and warmth to the greatest extent. There are a portrait of a girl, a bio fireplace, and a square —shaped floor lamp: all give soothing comfort, disposing to reflection and contemplation.


    The center of attention is the fireplace. Its shape and material are inspired by the Khun building in Bangkok. At first glance it seems that this fireplace combines incongruous things: wavy lines with references to natural motifs, metal, fire. But put together, these components create a harmonious, coherent impression. This is how the miracle of synergy works. This project is characterized by a special attention to the decoration of the ceiling. It is concave for additional volume, and also serves as a screen: the image of tree branches moving in time with the wind is projected onto it. This reminder of the fall weather creates a contrast to the relaxed comfort of the room. The variety of constituent elements here is not an end in itself for design pathos, but an effective way to create an enveloping, warming coziness in the living room.

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