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    Interior of the apartment with living room and spa area

    Beauty of diversity: a new project of the season

    Arthur Schopenhauer wrote, “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” Studia 54 creates designs that go beyond any limits or expectations — when you think that nothing can surprise you, there comes a new project of the season.

    The interior of this living room is storytelling: the suspended ceiling installation hides a projector that can change the space depending on the mood of the hosts and guests. Today it is a bottom of an ocean, tomorrow it is a starry sky. On a rainy day you can turn on your own sun, and on a hot summer afternoon you can arrange a tropical downpour. The options for transforming the living room depend only on imagination — and customers of Studia 54 have a rich imagination indeed. Pieces of furniture and decor make up an ideal screen for broadcasting visual images.

    The interior is decorated with moderate, but not boring accessories. The sofa group from Minotti is a luxurious classic of furniture, the carpet from Poliform creates an impeccable background for lovers of bright projections. There are surprises for connoisseurs of modern art: the Hildebrand canvas by Michele Mikesell, the avant-garde chair Hand Foot Sculpture by Pedro Friedeberg. And, of course, there is a fireplace in the limelight — the flagship of the interior, decorated with panels of wenge wood and a slab of Nero Marquina marble.


    Autumn comes not only with a kaleidoscope of colorful leaves rustling underfoot, but also a desire to hide for a while from the bustle of the busy city. When creating a new project, we departed from the traditions of classics, combining orientalism and minimalism in the design of the indoor pool. The design of the chairs is laconic, but it cannot be called simple - the wicker backrest, reminiscent of bare tree crowns, together with the contrast of orange and coal-black colors add the very zest, referring to the autumn theme.

    Bonsai, organically integrated into the interior, is the most obvious element of Japanese style, but by no means the only one. Low, neat coffee tables in monochrome correspond to the basic principles of wabi-sabi philosophy, which means "modest beauty". Behind the bonsai tree, the chain décor resembles thin streams of gold flowing down the glass.

    The soft, subdued lighting is perfect for a relaxing evening swim, while candles dotted around the perimeter of the pool create a full spa atmosphere.

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