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Avant-garde project of the season

Avant-garde project of the season
Modern design should not only be stylish and visually pleasing, but also have its own unique atmosphere and give positive emotions.

The interior of this stunning living room, which was inspired by nature, will give the owner a sense of tranquility, comfort and relaxation. The incredible fireplace as the main accent of the room is a real art object that radiates inspiration. The unusual wooden ceiling is another interesting design solution - you are surrounded by nature from all sides and feel as comfortable as possible.

A home library is a place of tranquility, relaxation and privacy. What better way to reflect all these qualities than in nature? Natural materials and tones create a cozy atmosphere in which it is easy to both relax and concentrate on important work. The bright accent and the center of the composition here is wood - it looks interesting and unusual, but at the same time natural. It fits perfectly into the composition and as if reveals the interior, rather than drawing all the attention to itself. The combination of natural and artificial lighting allows you to emphasize the details and also works to create a special atmosphere, because lighting design in the interior is very important.

The main inspiration for the interior of the hall was Asian culture, in particular its minimalism, art, and decor. The sculpture shown here is not typical of our projects - it is more simple, but definitely elegant and unique. The lighting on the stairs creates a soaring effect showcasing the staircase. The most outstanding part of this interior is probably the painting on the wall in the form of mountains. It was inspired by the works of Chinese artist Zhang Zhaoui.

Thus we see a modern interior - luxurious, but elegant and refined, unique and filled with nature. Studia 54 always offers non-trivial ideas that will remain relevant for a long time.

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