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    Elegant apartment interior in Moscow

    Luxurious apartment design project on Moscow

    In front of you is our new exclusive project, released on the south of Russia. The peculiarity of this apartment is in its function – the owners are going to use it for temporary stay, as their own premium hotel. As befits all luxury hotels, the emphasis was placed simultaneously on maintaining a single style and on functionality and comfort.
    Master bedroom in dark tones
    Master bedroom in dark tones

    Master Bedroom

    Let’s take a look at this project in details. The clients wanted to make the apartment noble and chose the modern classics as the main direction. This synthesis was most clearly manifested in the master bedroom. An antique-like chandelier with candle-shaped lamps combined with stucco on the ceiling gives the room a classic elegance. Take a look at the chandeliers’ lines – they look more minimalistic and sophisticated, which makes it more modern. Bright bench with carriage tie also emphasizes the classic side of the interior. The combination of stucco ceiling and moldings on the wall gives the bedroom sophistication and extravagance, without overloading the overall picture.

    We used parquet in the "herringbone" layout

    Designer furniture in the interior of the bedroom

    The vanity and the pouf from our own brand Store 54 are made of leather on the outside and suede on the inside. It is a real luxury without pretentiousness. The calm color of the table and its overall appearance perfectly fit into the interior, while adding modernity to the room. In the contour illumination of mirrors and shelves we combined aesthetics and functionality. The room turned out to be dark and elegant, yet not gloomy. The shades that we used look precious and conducive to relaxation.

    Dressing room with accent pouf from Store 54

    Dressing room

    We also applied dark shades to the dressing room, maintaining a single style. Dark cabinets with leather facades look interesting combined with brass handles. In combination with glass doors, they form a single composition that catches attention with its brevity and style. A great example of a non-bright accent in this room is a Jellybean Saddle pouf made of velour and with real leather details by Store 54. There are no flashy colors, but there is an unusual design solution and functionality. The metal handle of the pouf is harmonized with the brass handles, while the luxurious gray shade (daiquiri) looks good with a soft carpet. In addition, we combined the classic mirror with an aged one, turning a regular piece of furniture into an art object.

    Master bathroom

    Master bathroom

    The master bathroom turned out to be very functional: hidden storage, illumination in the shower, comfortable shelves and bright lighting. Everything for the water procedures to be carried out with maximum convenience and comfort. We have diversified the bright interior with dark contrasts using porcelain stoneware in the shower and marble countertop.

    The BonBon pouf in a Vert shade, Store 54

    Combining classic and modern style

    A real synthesis of classics and modernity can be seen in the mirror, or rather its unusual-shaped frame made of MDF. The mirror itself is built into the portal, which creates the effect of depth and volume. Lamps in the form of candlesticks perfectly complete the composition, highlighting modern luxury.

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