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Interior big and modern house

Modern house interior in Saint-Petersburg

In front of you is our new exclusive design project of a three-story house. A unique feature and the main wish of the customers was the interior in a cold color scheme. We invite you to get acquainted with how our team completed the task.

A unique feature and the main wish of the customers was the interior in a cold color scheme. We invite you to get acquainted with how our team completed the task.

An accent column disappears in the interior because of a mirror lining

Dark shades in kitchen’s color scheme we have diluted with light accents – white leather bar stools and milk facades of cabinets. The modern chandelier by Luke Lamp Co. illuminates the whole space. The stone tabletop of the island echoes harmonizes with the dark marble floors, and the illumination fits the rack surface.

Blue color and a crystal chandelier add water motifs to the interior

Due to such accents as an airy chandelier in the form of water drops and contrasting armchairs of a deep blue shade, the dining area looks bright and cozy. White leather chairs contrast with dark stone countertops and marble floors, bringing harmony and balance to the interior. Veneer panels of a cold shade became a good adding to this luxurious composition.

An accent Jellybean pouf in a Cherry shade, Store 54

Another suitable color solution for a cold interior is the deep cherry shade of the pouf from our own collection, which harmonizes with the floral arrangement on the console. It was an interesting decision by designers, to combine a mirror with a marble panel –this way we got an installation resembling the moon, which fits perfectly into a dark environment. The illumination on the ceiling makes it look light, spectacularly framing the room

The gradient on the coffee table emphasizes the combination of light and dark tones in the interior

The source of the warmth in the house is the area by the fireplace in the living room. Our attention is immediately attracted by a marble slab in the "butterfly" layout, which you want to examine for a long time as an art object in a museum. The wall panel itself is presented in an unusual form with niches, in which we added spectacular sconces for refinement.

The bed is framed by a Nix wall panel, Store 54

In the master bedroom we focused on rounded shapes to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. A modern oval banquette at the foot of the bed echoes the bedside tables. Their shape is also repeated by the sparkling chandelier, which completes the composition. Since the bedroom is combined with a dressing room, we have provided zoning. In order to do this, we combined an MDF partition and a leather wall panel. This solution works simultaneously on the functionality and aesthetic components of the room.

Dressing room

Dressing room

Spectacular wall panel, Store 54

Spectacular wall panel, Store 54

For the dressing room we picked up cabinets with glass doors and added mirrors in the middle. In combination with the lighting everything inside turns into museum exhibits. There is also a console with a massive mirror in front of the cabinet. The frame of the mirror is presented in an unusual shape and looks like melted metal. The shade of "metal" also has a cold undertone.

Bedroom rest area

In the master bedroom there is a secluded corner for relaxation, looking at which you can feel the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. A soft daybed will become a great place to read the books and recharge after a long work day. Minimalistic floor lamp and a track lamp provide enough lighting for this part of the room, while they do not dazzle.

A child zone for studying

Despite the fact that cold shades dominate the entire interior, we chose light neutral tones for the children's bedrooms. A prerequisite was the availability of tables for classes. We also added uplifting details: a table with balls form leg and a rounded sconce.

A children bedroom

The second children's bedroom turned out to be more exotic – the wall is decorated with flamingos and natural landscapes drawings; green colors are present in the design. A great idea for young lovers of flora and fauna.

A wall panel is decorated with a backlight

An airy chandelier in the form of flowers and birds completes the composition and gives the whole interior lightness and playfulness. Despite the dominance of cold shades in the interior of this house, we have found ways to make it cozy and comfortable. Modern luxury can be different, and Studia 54 will help to adapt its Embodiment just for you.

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