Top Moscow cottage settlements

Best country complexes in the Moscow region
An increasing number of residents from the capital express a desire for a peaceful lifestyle away from the urban environment. Situated within the Moscow region, these luxurious residences embody a fine balance of advanced technologies and integration with natural surroundings, appealing to those seeking comfort and luxury. This article examines the premier cottage settlements in the Moscow region.

Papushevo park

  • Odintsovo district
  • 35-40 minutes from Moscow-City
  • Area: 92.4 hectares

Papushevo Park stands as a distinctive club settlement, its concept shaped by an architectural competition involving 117 projects from 33 countries. Its proximity, just 35 minutes from Moscow-City, positions it as an attractive residential option. The development offers over 30 varied spaces for recreational and creative pursuits, including spa facilities, landscaped parks, a wine bar, entertainment centers, and dining options. Beyond its architectural appeal, Papushevo Park fosters a sense of community among residents who share common interests. All necessary amenities for comfortable living, such as gas, electricity, security systems, central water supply, and sewage, are already integrated into the settlement's infrastructure.

Agalarov Estate

  • Istrinsky district
  • 20 minutes to Moscow
  • Area: 350 hectares

Agalarov Estate stands as an exclusive premium-class cottage settlement, nestled in the picturesque outskirts of the capital, covering an expansive 350-hectare territory. Its appeal is significantly bolstered by its strategic location, a mere 20-minute commute from Moscow via the Novorizhskoye Highway.

Distinguished by its extraordinary natural landscape, the locale boasts a unique water ecosystem, including 4 waterfalls, 7 fountains, and 14 lakes.

Residents of the settlement are afforded abundant leisure opportunities. Notably, the estate hosts a five-star boutique hotel replete with atmospheric dining venues and a luxurious spa, offering impeccable service and rejuvenating treatments. Additionally, for aficionados of premium sports, membership to the 70-hectare golf club is available.

The local culinary scene is elevated with a refined European cuisine menu at the on-site restaurant, while the lakeside Beach Club exudes sophistication with its elegant ambiance, diverse menu of Azerbaijani delicacies, and a pool – perfect for family recreation. Homes within Agalarov Estate are outfitted with all requisite utilities, including electricity, water sourced from wells, heating facilitated by a private boiler room, central sewage systems, security apparatuses, access to gas, internet connectivity, and an integrated smart home system.


  • Odintsovo district
  • A few minutes to Moscow
  • Area: 170 hectares

Merely 5 kilometers from the MKAD lies Razdory, a luxury-class cottage settlement that, despite its close proximity to Moscow, embodies the essence of countryside living. Historically, these grounds have been a magnet for the Russian elite, once housing estates of the Golitsyn and later Yusupov princes. Even during the Soviet era, possessing a residence in this locale was synonymous with prestige. Renowned figures such as artist Malevich, physician Botkin, director Pyryev, and actress Ladynina found inspiration in these environs.

The distinct allure of this cottage settlement stems from its unique ecological setting. Dating back to imperial times, the prohibition of industrial construction has preserved its pristine environment, with the village of Razdory recognized as a natural heritage site.

Today, these locales offer residents serenity and tranquility. Adjacent pine forests, characterized by their fresh, clean air, provide an idyllic setting for leisurely strolls and outdoor relaxation. Although lacking in internal infrastructure, nearby settlements of Barvikha and Zhukovka offer an array of cultural and entertainment amenities. Furthermore, all essential utilities – including natural gas supply, internet connectivity, electricity, and sewage – are seamlessly integrated into the cottage settlement.


  • Odintsovo district
  • 10 minutes to Moscow
  • Area: 76.5 hectares

Landshaft is a prestigious cottage settlement sprawling over 76 hectares. In the past, this location enjoyed popularity among the upper class and political elite. Today, it is adorned with luxurious collectible residences. Strategically situated just 10 kilometers from the MKAD, this legendary countryside complex offers a well-developed infrastructure, comprising shops, cafes, restaurants, upscale beauty salons, serene spa centers, and even a mini zoo. The settlement also houses a school, kindergarten, music, and ballet schools. Among the lush greenery, lies the splendid Podushkinsky Forest – a perfect blend of wilderness and pristine ecology. Families residing here relish in the benefits of countryside living, coupled with the modern world's conveniences. All local residences are equipped with communication networks and have access to clean water from private wells.

Zhukovka XXI

  • Odintsovo district
  • 5-10 minutes to Moscow
  • Area: 50 hectares

"Zhukovka XXI'' stands as one of the most prestigious cottage settlements in the Moscow region. Just 9 kilometers from Moscow, it offers an ideal setting for those seeking comfortable and luxurious countryside living. Accessible within 10 minutes from Moscow via Rublyovo-Uspenskoye or Novorizhskoye Highway, the settlement boasts a wide array of leisure facilities: a sports club, luxurious spa complex, and inviting restaurants. During the summer, residents can indulge in an outdoor pool with group programs, while tennis enthusiasts have access to 5 courts. Additionally, the elite "President" school, affiliated with the UNESCO Associated Schools Project, is conveniently located nearby.

The aforementioned Moscow cottage settlements epitomize an excellent fusion of luxury, comfort, and security. Each enclave boasts unique characteristics, maintained by stringent safety protocols, including round-the-clock security and surveillance systems. However, their allure extends beyond safety – surrounded by picturesque reserves, forests, and lakes, these settlements offer a tranquil environment for solitude and appreciation of nature at one's doorstep. Investing in real estate within these countryside complexes not only signifies status but also signifies a large enhancement in quality of life.

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