Things to check before buying a land plot

Purchasing a plot of land in the premium segment is not only a significant financial investment, but also a step towards the dream of having your own corner for living and recreation. However, before taking this step, it is necessary to thoroughly check the future plot of land so that your investment is justified. And so that your dream does not turn into a source of endless problems. For this purpose, we have collected a few important recommendations.

Before buying a plot of land, it is necessary to carefully study the regulations and restrictions established for future construction. This will avoid issues with construction and land use. It is important to remember that you can only buy a plot that is on the registration and information about it is in the unified state register of real estate. For this purpose, it is worth paying attention to several important documents. 

What documents to check before buying a land plot

The purchase of a plot of land is a complex process that requires careful examination and verification of an extensive range of documents. Your choice directly depends on your future comfortable living and safety.

It is important to verify the legal right of the seller to own the plot you are negotiating with. It is critical that the land is free of legal restrictions such as arrests or other significant encumbrances. The address, boundaries, and dimensions of the land plot, must be accurately reflected in the relevant documents and agree with the seller's representations. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of a building permit if you plan to erect objects on the acquired land plot.

How to check a plot of land using open sources on the Internet

Sometimes it is not enough to check the land plot documents from the seller. Modern technology offers the buyer many opportunities for additional verification. This option will help to avoid doubts about the reliability of all information about the plot. There are useful sources in the public domain that we recommend you pay attention to. 

What else?

To be sure of the formal nuances of the land plot documentation is only half the battle. A comfortable country house, which has everything to maintain a decent standard of living, will protect you This is a place where you can retreat, close yourself off from the outside world, relax with the whole family. 

That is why we recommend you to emphasize the contextual component when choosing a plot of land. The accessible location of the plot, the relief and the availability of developed infrastructure have a significant impact on the comfort of living. If there is a road junction nearby, you will be able to quickly move around the area. And the presence of spa centers, restaurants and gyms will allow you to spend quality time outside your land plot. You won't feel lonely and will be able to cover the basic needs of a refined holiday. 

Remember that the presence of connected communications (gas, water and electricity) greatly simplifies and cheapens the future construction of the house. Another important fact is a pleasant neighborhood. Perhaps you should pay attention to closed club settlements. They will provide you with security and privacy in the future. And the presence of a security checkpoint will help you avoid unwanted guests.

Do not hesitate to involve professionals – realtors, architects, and builders — in the process of planning the purchase of a plot. They will help you to check the potential of the plot from the point of view of future construction. An expert opinion will help you avoid many pitfalls. After all, when choosing a plot it is important to find a balance between your dreams of an ideal house and the real possibilities of the plot. And this applies not only to financial aspects, but also to development opportunities and the suitability for your life goals and lifestyle.

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