Top 10: Best designer furniture brands

    Premium-class Italian furniture brands
    Choosing the right furniture and decor items is 50% of the success in creating a luxury interior. The iconic models and recognizable details of many brands are as easily identified as the handbags and patterns of haute couture fashion designers.

    Some items have long been elevated to the realm of "art," while others are becoming fashionable before our eyes, but the most important thing is not that. The most significant advantage of such furniture is that, being endlessly refined, it often appears deceptively simple, suitable for a multitude of styles - from loft to lavish Art Deco, and always looks appropriate. Moreover, it can outlast many changes in interiors and generations of owners, remaining relevant.

    This article will discuss the top 10 furniture brands used by Studia 54. The first 9 have Italian origins: it is this country that is renowned for its ancient traditions and craftsmen who combine heritage and technology.

    Sofa from B&B ITALIA

    BB Italia

    The brand describes itself as producing innovative, iconic, and timeless pieces of designer furniture. Founded in 1966, the company has since created numerous items that are rightfully considered legendary today. Particularly noteworthy are the Coronado sofa, the Charles collection, and the Moon System.

    Island and bar stools from Visionnaire


    Visionnaire is the flagship brand of the Italian company IPE, founded in the city of Bologna in 1959. The brand has gained global recognition for its ability to create avant-garde projects, offer unexpected balances of forms, and experiment with traditional decorative techniques.

    Sofa from Ditre Italia

    Ditre Italia

    Ditre Italia is a furniture brand that has been producing sofas, armchairs, and beds for over 40 years in both classic and modern styles. For upholstery options, Ditre offers more than 20 types of leather and around 80 types of fabric. The factory collaborates only with recognized experts in furniture design such as Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Spessotto & Agnoletto, and other authoritative designers.

    Armchair from Poliform


    The brand was established in the early 1970s in a family-owned carpentry workshop in Brianza. The factory pays great attention to the development of production and technologies: currently, all production lines of the enterprise are fully computerized. Poliform began its activities with the creation of kitchen and modular furniture, and in 2006, they started producing designer chairs and sofas. Another distinctive feature of Poliform is an interesting management system: every 3-5 years, brothers Aldo and Alberto Spinelli switch positions as the head of the factory. This characteristic has made the company dynamic.

    Armchair from Poltrona Frau

    Poltrona Frau

    Poltrona Frau is a brand that was founded in Turin in 1912. By the 1930s, furniture from Poltrona Frau had already become a symbol of status. Since 1926, the company has been supplying its products to the Italian royal family. Since then, this brand has furnished many mansions, villas, residences, and even the luxurious transatlantic ship Rex.

    Vanity table and pouf from Rugiano


    The company is relatively young: it's not even 20 years old yet, and by the standards of Italian furniture giants, it's a very young age. Nevertheless, during this time, the brand has managed to attract a large audience of clients in Canada, the USA, China, and other countries. Rugiano collaborates with well-known designers and design studios such as Carlo Colombo, Studio Viganò, and other recognized experts. We particularly admire their collections of upholstered furniture, lighting fixtures, and tables.

    Console from Longhi


    The brand was founded in the city of Meda in the 1950s. Longhi offers a wide range of contemporary furniture, from bookshelves to sliding glass partitions. Studia 54 favors Longhi consoles and cabinets - they always feature a sleek but not dull design and the highest quality.

    Bedside table from Frato


    Frato is a company founded in 2010 in the trading city of Porto, Portugal. This brand prides itself on being a family-owned company in a world full of corporations and conglomerates. The company is named after the founders' sons and garners sympathy not only for its commitment to family values but also for its unconventional design of furniture, lighting fixtures, and decor items.

    Armchair from Minotti


    Minotti is an industry legend that has introduced numerous masterpieces to the world and continues to surprise with unconventional furniture and decor samples. The factory was founded by Alberto Minotti, originally from Spain, starting with a small workshop in 1948. The brand entered the international market in the early 1980s, coinciding with the emergence of "guest" projects. Some collaborations with designers, such as Rodolfo Dordoni, continue to this day. Today, Minotti furniture is sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.

    Blossom coffee tables from FiftyFourms


    FiftyFourms is a young Russian brand that produces wall panels, modular and upholstered furniture of premium quality, as well as luxury-class decor items. The company was founded in 2021 but has already reached the same level as Italian manufacturers in terms of quality execution and non-trivial design. Sometimes it even surpasses them, as the furniture pieces are custom-made according to the customer's preferences and requirements for a specific interior.  

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