The perfect country house exterior

Why is it so important to pay attention to the facade?
The facade is the face of your home, so its planning and implementation require careful attention and professionalism. The right choice of materials, thoughtful design and quality workmanship will ensure not only an attractive appearance, but also the longevity of your home. Remember that your property is not only an investment in a comfortable life, it will also be a valuable asset for you. Up-to-date layouts, design, and appearance is a win-win strategy, as such a home will never lose value, but will only grow in value. In designing the facade, experts focus primarily on the plasticity and architecture of the building. It is important that the facade harmoniously complements the overall shape and structure of the house, highlighting its individuality and emphasizing its volume.

Top 6 premium materials for exterior finishing

The realization of your exterior ideas depends directly on the choice of material. Think about what style you see your future home in and what you like most. In any case, we recommend favouring natural materials. Obviously, the materials should be safe, protect your building from the negative impact of the environment, and at the same time look decent.

  • Natural stone is a classic that emphases status and durability. Stone is weather and time resistant, making it an ideal choice for facades in different climates. Each stone is unique in texture and colour, which will give the house a special character.
  • Stoneware is a modern, durable material with a wide range of textures and colours. This material is resistant to frost and other external influences. Thanks to the variety of textures and colours, porcelain stoneware allows you to implement any design ideas.
  • Planken — wooden panels that add warmth and coziness to the facade. High quality woods such as cedar, oak, or larch can be treated to improve their resistance to moisture and rot.
  • Fibre cement panels are hard wearing, non-combustible and environmentally friendly. These panels are made from a mixture of cement and cellulose fibres, giving them high strength and resistance. They are not prone to rot, are not afraid of moisture and are resistant to fire, making them an ideal choice for regions with harsh weather conditions.
  • Aluminum cassettes are a great solution for modern design, with the ability to create unique shapes. Such materials can be used to clad the profiles of sheds. 
  • Brick is one of the most popular materials for facade finishing. This material is available in different types, which differ in the way they are made. But, in any case, brick is a durable and reliable material for cladding. It also allows you to give the building an original architectural appearance.

Each of these materials can be applied depending on individual preferences, style and environmental conditions. Finishing the facade with premium materials increases the aesthetic appeal of the house and significantly increases its market value.

Decorating the facade

The most daring ideas can be realized thanks to several interesting techniques. Studia 54 uses them in its projects, adapting them to the individual features of buildings and the wishes of customers. After all, facade decoration is an art that requires not only a creative approach, but also a deep understanding of the properties of materials. It is not easy to create an expressive exterior that will reflect the character of the owner and harmoniously fit into the landscape design. However, it can be achieved by using several techniques at once

Combination of materials

One of the most successful decorating techniques is the play of textures and the combination of materials. The combination of smooth and embossed surfaces creates a fascinating visual effect. For example, smooth wood combined with rough stone can give a modern and warm feeling to a facade. Different materials can effectively complement each other to create a rich and layered look.


This technique comes to us from the classical architecture of Ancient Greece. Today, this decorative design finds new applications in various Studia 54 projects, adding elegance and rigour to the appearance of buildings.

Carved tiles

Using cut stone tiles in interesting shapes is another way to add originality to a facade.

Vertical gardening

This is a particularly attractive decorating technique. Green walls help to improve the microclimate around the building and serve as a natural air filter. Vertical landscaping can be a striking accent and bring freshness to the look of a home.

Introducing sculptures

You don't have to be afraid to integrate art installations and sculptures. Such elements can tell a story or reflect the cultural characteristics of a region. These details will add depth and symbolism to the architectural image.


The right lighting can transform the perception of a building after the sun goes down.

Using different lighting formats, architectural forms and textures can be emphasized or, conversely, softened, making the façade spectacular and memorable.

Facade decoration allows not just to beautify a building, but also to give it an individuality and functionality that will contribute to the harmony of the house with its surroundings.

Modern trends

The exterior of country houses today are functional solutions that allow you to create unique, expressive images. It is important to pay close attention to every detail in the design: from the architectural forms of the building to the landscape design and facade, to ensure harmony in the whole composition, avoiding dissonance of elements.

In recent years, the use of panoramic windows in the construction of houses has become more and more common. This technique allows you to visually increase the space in the house and add more light. But it is necessary to observe the rhythm of windows and facade details, so that everything harmonizes with each other.

Light design is becoming an integral part of modern architecture of country houses. The play of light and shadow on the facade of the house allows you to highlight the aesthetics of the relief of the materials used, and, of course, will add zest to your home.

In order to realize your dream of a perfect country house, it is worth turning to experienced specialists. Foremost, you should pay attention to the portfolio. After all, the work should cause you positive emotions and demonstrate a professional level.

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