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    Renovating the interior of townhouse in Kensington, London

    An interior renovation in a period townhouse in the heart of Kensington — combining key elements of our unique style with the classic chic of London's Grade I mansions. The owners took on the challenge of bringing an outdated interior back to life.

    The clients came to us for an understated interior with colourful accents. They are travelling between world capitals — London, New York, Melbourne — so it was important for them to have a place where they could equally easily relax in silence and host a trendy party.

    Across the road from London's Hyde Park is a row of low-rise buildings with almost identical facades. Built at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries, they are characterised by not the most successful layout. The main idea was to transform an old building with small, cramped rooms into a modern townhouse with a sense of spaciousness.

    Mirror by Galotti&Radice

    The natural materials and organic textures used in the design of the house, as well as the colour palette, are inspired by nature. Walnut joinery is used as accents — for example, the finish of the TV area, solid doors, panels and shelving compositions. Functionality and rational use of space have become a priority.

    The layout of the house has undergone significant changes. The designer has chosen muted tones, emphasising layered textures and luxurious materials, in keeping with the understated sophistication of West London.


    The key challenge of this project was the low ceilings in some rooms and the space constraints. We emphasised clever zoning of the rooms with contrasting wall finishes — alternating between painted areas with mouldings and natural walnut wall panels. 


    Furniture by premium brands and exclusive lighting fixtures, art objects throughout the house — we have developed an interior design that will not become outdated in a few years. At the request of the hostess, we provided many built-in storage sections — for holiday sets, a large collection of vinyl, clothing and accessories, a huge private library, vintage spirits.


    A leather and suede dining group, a designer table on a sculptural base — the combination of these components provides a freshness to the design. A professional design project is not just the start of a new lifestyle, it is an attractive investment in your future.

    Master bedroom

    Customers prefer bright shades and textures, so we filled the rooms with a special energy, choosing trendy shades of future seasons — purple, beige and grey. For the interior of the private unit, we select laconic items with smooth, soft shapes. The daily consumption of a huge amount of information has replaced human beings' natural emotions and experiences related to tactility, which is why professional home design, with customised configurations, is of great importance. On the upper third floor of the house is the master unit. The layout allowed for a visual connection between the walk-in wardrobe, bedroom, and bathroom.


    Previously, the master bedroom had a semicircular area with perimeter seating, but the owner had always dreamed of an island in the walk-in wardrobe, and there was no room for it. So, we decided to use a non-trivial planning solution and place the island in the bedroom itself.

    Master bathroom

    The master bath is done in dark graphite shades. Arabescato butterfly marble has become a real jewel of the freestanding bathtub, as well as a part of the set as a table-top with integrated sinks.




    Home office

    Order in the workplace, especially at home, is the key to a productive day. We take a meticulous approach to the organisation of workrooms, making sure that there is plenty of space for hidden storage of documents and books, as well as plenty of room to move around freely.


    SPA block

    An extravagant, dark design with trendy installations and a bar — this is exactly how the customers imagined their pool. Spectacular swimming pools adorn any spa block space. The priority of our design is to create a visually expanding architecture of the room so that the pool looks limitless. Thus, the cool beige colour palette and textured surfaces helped us to create an interior for a measured life in the big city.

    In the media room, the upholstered group is represented by Meridiani and Minotti. The integrated contour lighting switches to neon red mode.
    In the media room, the upholstered group is represented by Meridiani and Minotti. The integrated contour lighting switches to neon red mode.

    The first step towards your dream interior should always be a professional design project. When both the creative and technical components are at the highest level, the realisation of the project will go smoothly.

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