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    Architectural design of a modern house by the river

    Studia 54 has completed the exterior design of a house in its unique style. The designers used the latest trends in the world of architecture, the best natural materials, and original solutions.

    Project Description

    A residence by the river is a cherished dream for many. In addition to the main country house, there is also a spacious gazebo for summer dinners with loved ones, an indoor pool, a sauna, a garage, and a small house for the staff. The house has several descents to the water, as well as a dock for a private boat and jet ski.


    Swimming Pool

    The indoor pool on the country estate is an ideal place for relaxation and wellness at any time of the year. This modern complex includes a spacious swimming area with heated water, allowing swimming even in the cold months. Such a pool becomes a true oasis of comfort and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



    The presented image shows a garage for four cars. It can also accommodate a snowmobile and a quad bike. This is particularly relevant for this project, as the client is a fan of active leisure and extreme sports. Additionally, two extra parking spaces are provided for guests. On the second floor, there is space for the staff.


    The main task of modern architecture is to combine aesthetics and functionality. Following this principle, we bring all our projects to life. It is also important to maintain harmony with nature. This project has become an interesting architectural solution that brought our clients' dreams to life.

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