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    Flat in modern style in “Privilegia” Residential Complex

    Design project for a 120m² flat by Studia 54 in dark shades with a chic layout. The customer wanted to see Italian furniture and complex compositions in the flat without weighting the space. We used non-standard variants of space zoning so that every square meter of the flat was filled with luxury.

    Living room

    Real harmony reigns in this room. At the customer's request, we chose Minotti furniture, which blended perfectly into the interior. Special attention is drawn to the dresser in the TV-zone, created by designer Lois Pons. The front of the chest of drawers is decorated with wooden moldings with a combination of moldings of different textures, sizes, and shades.


    The abundance of gold metallic details perfectly combines with the wooden elements to create a rich textural composition. Light installations of various shapes add dynamics to the space and clearly divide it into dining and living areas. Eichholtz décor and textiles complete the look, adding glamour and elegance.



    The space is kept in dark grey shades, which creates a chamber atmosphere. The owners should feel a sense of privacy here.  


    The suede panels with metal inserts combined with veneer panels behind the headboard are one of our favorite design techniques. We chose furniture for the bedroom from the Italian brand Poliform. 



    The bathroom turned out to be really sophisticated and appealing. Natural stone with a unique pattern combined with warm textured wood creates an interesting contrasting solution. The minimalist interior looks original and fresh thanks to such a bold finish.


    Designers have provided functional areas for storing cosmetics and bath accessories in the area with the sink. Behind the mirror, there is a delicate illumination that adds a touch of luxury and coziness to the bathroom.

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