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    Hotel design with a Unique Art Installation in Courchevel

    Eastern Motifs in the Lobby Interior Design of a French Hotel

    The concept of the new project for the season was to combine the strict northern grandeur of French Alps with the graceful elegance of decor featuring Eastern motifs. In the interior design project of the lounge area and reception of a modern hotel, we reimagined the concept of eco-friendly and sustainable design while maintaining the recognizable style of Studia 54.

    Installation with a Light Fixture and Murano Glass Carp


    The central focal point and compositional centerpiece became the ceiling art installation. Japanese koi carp break the usual geometry: they simultaneously strive for the water surface and seem to fly upwards towards the light, reflecting the philosophy of connecting the past and the future.

    The installation consists of three parts: a ground-level fountain-waterfall, dynamic suspended fish, and a large ceiling portal with a softbox. Thanks to this, the hotel lobby is filled with soothing sounds of water and soft diffused light.

    Textile Minotti Sofa

    All the fish in the installation are made of Murano glass, integrating different colors: burgundy red, creamy gold, coal black, and crystal white. Each figure and its shape are unique: some fish have a rhythmic pattern on their back, some have textured relief or matte inserts.

    Fish tails are made of dense fabric, creating dynamics in movement.

    Poltrona Frau leather armchair in the relaxation zone overlooking the mountain lake

    Synergy of Interior and Exterior

    The theme of water and fish is not chosen randomly: the hotel is located among the mountains of Frence, where guests come for a good rest in nature among lakes and rocks.

    The beauty of the surrounding world is transferred inside the hotel — the interior design exclusively used natural materials. The marble floor made of large-format slabs is replaced by parquet made of natural veneer, and wood-clad walls alternate with textile details in the design of the bookshelf.



    Continuing the theme of water motifs, handmade textile wall panels in an elegant brass frame are used. Soft waves give horizontal dynamics to complement the vertical installation, creating visual balance and harmony.

    Hotel business is a special area for interior design. During the development of the hotel's interior design, we paid special attention to the furnishings. The lobby is the face of the hotel; it is here that the first impression of the level and service is created. 

    Furniture in modern hotel design

    For the lounge area of the interior of an expensive hotel, we selected premium furniture from globally renowned brands FIFTYFOURMS, Minotti, and Poltrona Frau.

    FIFTYFOURMS armchair

    FIFTYFOURMS armchair

    The textile upholstery of the seat and the luxurious leather covering of the back make the armchair both aesthetic and functional.

    The textile upholstery of the seat and the luxurious leather covering of the back make the armchair both aesthetic and functional.

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