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    Interior Design for a Villa in Bali

    Modern interior of Bali villa with designer decor

    Each seasonal project is a search for something new within familiar forms and textures. The exterior and surrounding nature always contribute their palette and dictate their rules. However, even amidst the hilly terrain and impenetrable jungles of Asia, we have preserved our recognizable style in the new villa project.



    The design of the enchanting bedroom with panoramic windows seamlessly fits into the overall atmosphere of tranquility and serenity of the landscape. The lounge area with a designer chaise lounge, a pair of marble coffee tables, and a floor lamp with a copper finish invites relaxation. The room is glazed on three sides, allowing diffused natural light to gently envelop the entire living space. All textures are chosen in warm serene tones, inviting you to enjoy the quietude and inner peace, welcoming misty dawns and tropical sunsets over the pool.


    The bedroom represents an oasis of luxury in the jungle. The room is furnished with premium Italian and English furniture: a soft velvet Visionnaire bed, a concise Longhi bedside table, and stylish Porta Romana table lamps. On the natural parquet floor lies a rug with an unusual ornament that echoes the main feature of the interior – a glass installation above the bed. The panel is made of combined glass with various tinting, creating an effect of light play on diamond mosaic. Behind the installation on the wall, there is contour lighting, and around the panel are leather twists with inserts of tinted mirrors. The composition is completed by a unique ceiling made of embossed leather with ethnic motifs.

    Dressing room


    All spaces in the villa smoothly transition into each other: from the bedroom through a small corridor, we enter the spacious walk-in closet. The entrance group of the closet is a true work of art, a play of forms and textures, light and shadow. The compositional center is a designer chandelier in the shape of a tropical flower. Each petal is thousands of tiny crystal beads, diffusing light softly in the facets, reflecting in the smooth lines of the table with sculptural leaves. The brass surface of the table is covered with waves, as if leaves of an exotic flower fell onto the water surface.

    The background of this artistic creation is an eclectic golden glass screen, behind which hides textile drapery.

    The luxurious dressing room is divided into female and male zones. In each zone, there is a large island shelving unit with suede drawers and racks made of natural wood. The clothing cabinets are crafted from durable dark coffee-toned veneer, and the clothing is concealed behind tinted glass.



    The entire interior is an ode to the concept of "quiet luxury", a premium level of relaxation, and a high quality of life amidst the jungle and wild nature.

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