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    Posh interior design of a house in Texas, USA

    Posh interior in Texas, USA

    The new project by Studia 54 is a posh interior in the United States. We turned to simple beauty, to purity of form and to perfection of style. There is simultaneous luxury and simplicity, lots of light and open space, premium materials, maximum quality, and carefully thought out decorations.

    The spacious living room has two zones: a lounge area with a fireplace and an area with a piano. The musical instrument here is a marvelous art object, which, if the area where it will be located is properly decorated, turns into an example of art. A luxurious floor-to-ceiling screen acts as a small stage for the piano. It is made of two layers of embossed glass, with fabric between them, and framed on both sides by brass profiles, with backlighting implanted below and above. To the right of the instrument is a marble pedestal on which stands a tree made of brass. Each leaf is filigree and hand-carved - attention to the smallest details is evident here.

    The lounge area is represented by a spacious sofa group, where owners and guests can enjoy live music or spend the evening for a pleasant, unhurried conversation. We have provided multidimensional lighting, selecting the most appropriate lighting fixtures for each zone. Above the piano we placed track lights, which allow us to create a directional flow of light and are ideal for zoning the space. Next to the sofa there is a floor lamp, which not only acts as an additional source of light, but also changes the geometry of the space.

    The ceiling installation performs more of a decorative function; the weightless crystals resemble the keyboard of a grand piano, which looks very appropriate in this design.

    One of the customer's wishes was to use indoor plants in the interior, so in one of the corners of the room we placed a couple of cachepots with tree-like plants, which both look spectacular and do not require special care.


    The second zone is the bio-fireplace zone, which is ideal for atmospheric winter evenings. Above the fireplace is a TV panel framed in Marquinia marble. To the right are the niche shelves made of brass, the back wall is covered in black leather, and there is also lighting. The wall adjacent to the shelf is glossy MDF panels with brass inserts.



    From the living room we enter a small entrance hall. The accent element here is the Cosmos mirror. Allowing the imagination to soar, it is more than just a piece of decor. This captivating object is like an enchanted portal that extends the boundaries of the room to unknown worlds. The mirror consists of two separate elements. The mirrored center part with its irregular contours seems to be hand-drawn, with maximum naturalness; while the outer edge is slightly concave and acts as a decorative frame with a changing optical effect.

    The mirror is positioned above the console, the design of which demonstrates a unique harmony of different textures. Opposite is a large-scale statue made of dark metal. A square Minotti pouffe in indigo color is placed in the corner.



    The study, designed for two people, is made in a laconic, strict manner. Everything is built on dark shades and clear geometric shapes. The walls are finished with relief wooden panels, and a hidden storage system is installed in them. The desk is comfortable and minimalist, with a special charm given by the wavy fluted legs.

    The study also has a small lounge area with a terracotta-colored leather sofa, an elegant coffee table, a voluminous floor lamp and an original wall panel that combines white marble, glass and linear illumination.


    The design of the bathroom is sophisticated in its own way. Here, marble and wood merge in harmony - one wall is made of veneer with brass inserts, and the second wall is made of rich emerald marble. Between them is a transparent glass panel in relief with an oval mirror.

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