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Luxurious interior design of a mansion in Pakistan

Mansion interior design in Pakistan

Here is our new project in the south of Asia, in Pakistan. The luxurious interior in our unique style echoes natural motives of the surrounding landscape.
Chic Amber coloured Chandelier

A corrugated glass partition with doors resembling leafy pattern, matching unusual marble on the fireplace, while natural shades are traced throughout the interior.

Unusual marble repeats natural motifs

A delightful chandelier is made of amber-colored glass pieces, and an unusual floor lamp made of blown golden glass complements the composition. Warm walnut wood panels combined with luxurious curtains add warmth and coziness to the interior. It is special to spend cool southern evenings in soft Minotti armchair by a luxurious fireplace decorated with interesting marble and naturalistic pattern.

Chic chandelier as an art installation
Charming Lasvit fixtures

The spacious hall with a second-level space is decorated with an exclusive chandelier made of multi-colored patterned glass, with leaves, flowers and butterflies-like pieces which corresponds to the natural motifs that can be seen throughout the interior. The luxury of our unique style is emphasized by charming installation of Lasvit fixtures, reminiscent of glass flasks filled with millions of fireflies. There is a composition of two chic armchairs beyond a wall panel made of snake skin, two sculptures and a painting at the opposite side.

Luxurious snake-skinned wall panel

Luxurious snake-skinned wall panel

Unusual screen made of pieces of glass and snake skin

Unusual screen made of pieces of glass and snake skin

An unusual screen, made in the form of fragments filled with tinted glass and snake skin, serves as an additional decoration of a luxurious hall. It also separates the space between armchairs and panoramic windows overlooking the southern garden. Absolutely exclusive interior by Studia-54, inspired by the history of the place, will give you an unrivaled level of comfort and emphasize your special status.

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