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Interior design project of a luxury large house in Kazakhstan

Luxurious home with leisure areas in Kazakhstan
Light and cozy, strict and dark. Our new design project combines these opposites, meanwhile the interior looks harmonized and well-balanced.
Spacious living room

We invite you to see the project in more details. The owners plan to welcome guests in the room, which combines the living room and dining room. In the center of the room is a big suede sofa group, which gives comfort and dilutes the dark colors of the room. The clients pointed out that they definitely wanted the green color to be in the interior; that is why we used even a few of its different shades – for the armchair, chandelier and bar stools. We also added several accent pillows in a terracotta shade. The column in the center was sewed into the glass to fit it into the space. It looks stylish and organic.

TV zone with the bio-fireplace

From another angle TV zone is seen. Attention is immediately attracted by the wall panels, which were made of MDF with brass coloring. On the sides you can notice inserts made of marble and leather. Such a composition looks elegant and luxurious, especially combined with the marble behind the TV. Another eye-catching detail of the interior is a bio–fireplace with leather details.

Marble decoration in the bar area gives the interior a representative appearance

The bar area looks fancy and representative, like in the best movies. At the same time, it is unlike anything we have seen before and is inspired by the customers themselves and their wishes. The base of the island is made of MDF, with inserts of brass and marble – a truly premium combination. The chandelier of unusual shape adds sophistication. The bar is designed in a general dark style, which is diluted with accent green chairs. We have provided two types of storage – wine refrigerators and a niche, and added lighting to them. As a result, there is a zone that incites to rest and a pleasant pastime.

Nix wall panel, FiftyFourms

Let’s move to the dining area. It looks brighter and cozier without breaking the integrity of the entire interior. To the left of the table is a symmetrical wall panel of our own production. The material for it was premium leather of two shades; it is also decorated with a glass panel of unusual design.

The interior of the dining area is decorated with modern sculpture

We added light-colored green leather chairs to the stone-topped table. A soft accent here is the chair at the head of the table, which reminds an anthurium flower in shape. In combination with green tones, this chair brings natural motifs to the interior, refreshing and decorating it. The airy chandelier softly illuminates the area and creates a comfortable environment.

We have placed a storage area for dishes next to the stairs

Having gone down the stairs, we get to the wine cellar. The staircase itself is dark purple, and the railing is decorated with leather. The porcelain tile steps are framed by a backlight, which gives it lightness and highlights it in a dark room.

Wine cellar with the serving area

The wine cellar was meant as a place for men to relax, where they could drink, smoke cigars and socialize. Therefore, the interior in this room is even darker and stricter. Shelves and refrigerators are provided for storing wine, and the right temperature is maintained in the room. Representative upholstered chairs and an exquisite table set up for rest, and the room as a whole emphasizes the status of the owner and radiates luxury.

Cozy and luxurious home cinema

Our clients are big fans of cinema, so their house must have its own cinema. Sitting in soft armchairs, the owners can comfortably relax and watch movies, including the ones from their own collection. Since the collection includes a large number of disks, we have provided a hidden area for their storage. In combination with the illumination, a cosmic effect is created, inherent only in luxury cinemas. This project proves that it is possible to create an exclusive premium design, even working from a distance. We always listen to the wishes of our clients and control all stages of work in order to get the best and individual result.

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