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Fabulous interior design project of a villa in Dubai

Fabulous interior of Dubai villa

The magic of design and a kaleidoscope of colors – that's how our new project in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, luxurious Dubai, can be characterized.
Enchanting interior of Dubai villa

The interior of the villa has truly become enchanting, with vibrant accents, stunning installations, and imagination-capturing decorative elements. The key color present in every space's interior is the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year – the deep blue shade of Classic Blue, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility. Through a refined, fashionable color palette and tonal expressions, such as intriguing silver, adventurous orange, soothing gray, and warm wood, we have infused confidence and a spirit of uniqueness into the interior. We transformed the space using top furniture manufacturers, and many decor elements in this project are represented by our brand – FiftyFourms.

The wall panels Crios by FiftyFourms, and the dresser is hand-painted

The living rooms in our unique style are an expression of the art of luxurious living. Filling the expansive space and placing accents correctly without losing the natural airy atmosphere is the result of the hard work of a large team of professionals. The gray-pearl furniture set from Longhi harmoniously complements the vibrant chairs from Vittoria Frigerio and a group of accent coffee tables. A fantastical ceiling installation made of metallic petals with a silver coating creates an atmosphere of fairy-tale enchantment. Thanks to panoramic windows, there's a view of lush tropical foliage, making spending time in this living room especially delightful in pleasant company.

Como shelving, Moka kitchen island, and Milos kitchen set; all by FiftyFourms

Personalization, absolute comfort, and premium materials – three integral components of a high-class design project. A cozy yet luxurious atmosphere is achieved through carefully selected furniture and decor items, combined with a well-thought-out lighting scheme and impeccable finishing materials.

The interior with vibrant accents of orange and deep blue

We fulfilled the client's dream of a luxurious dining area for their large family, enhancing it with a suspended installation and an incredible glass composition with lighting. This installation, shaped like an elegant flower, and the green velvet color of the chairs by Cattelan Italia reflect natural motifs in this premium interior.

Spacious dining area for 10 persons

Design is in the details – that's how an atmosphere of luxurious grandeur is created, and the space is infused with positive, powerful energy. In organizing dining areas, we have developed our unique approach, allowing us to create luxurious spaces that leave the most vivid impressions.

Completing the dining area is a suspended composition

With the second light and panoramic windows, this space has become multi-layered, elegant, rich in both textures and color palette.

Our custom-designed Brizo shelving is adorned with Brazilian quartzite in Explosion Blue

The office is separated from the main living area by tinted glass. An elegant shelving unit with built-in walnut cabinets, lacquered finish, and blue marble with golden veins has become an excellent storage system for all work-related items.

Wardrobe island Boheme with gradient mirror surface, FiftyFourms

The luxurious island made of narrow mirrored panels has become a vibrant focal point in the spacious walk-in closet, adorned in bohemian shades of wine and emerald. A sturdy matte black countertop and 8 compartments with natural beige leather finishing, accented with vertical stitching, provide ample space for all necessary accessories.

The master bedroom featuring the suspended installation Eurus by FiftyFourms

The master bedroom in this project turned out truly luxurious. The bed, spanning over 3 meters wide for three persons, is adorned with the decorative headboard Atlas of our design, crafted from 3D panels of tinted wood and mirrors with leather panel inserts.

The stunning custom-made bed for three persons is adorned with the decorative headboard Atlas by FiftyFourms

The ceiling composition Eurus evokes a gentle breeze and captivates with its original design. The installation consists of delicate metal chains on silver-colored profiles and integrated ceiling lights. The metallic structure, reflecting light, allows the installation to shimmer in the most enchanting way.

The bathroom set Scacchi by FiftyFourms, glass sinks by Antonio Lupi

In the master bathroom, we've created a unique combination of three textures – black and white marble for wall and cabinet finishes, white marble flooring, and brown-pink wood. The famous pied-de-poule print has been applied to wooden panels illuminated by distinctive fixtures. The master bathroom also features a jacuzzi area.

The decorative panels Bia by FiftyFourms

In the bedroom, all attention is primarily focused on the bed and its decor. However, without perfectly matched wall design and bedside elements, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere would be impossible. In two bedrooms of our project in Dubai, we opted for a warm color palette with golden accents, and for the bed finishes, a combination of deep blue and pearlescent gray. For the first room, we designed wall decor using suede panels in a deep russet shade, complemented by a fantastical chandelier resembling a hanging tree. In the second bedroom, the focal point became an incredible panel of metal links, creating the effect of sand dunes.

The guest bedroom with a decorative headboard made of metal petals

Every space in this project is filled with the enchantment of a fairy tale, and the interior details can be admired endlessly. The art of interior design allows for giving a space an exclusive and unique appearance. It's an excellent way to reveal the individual traits of the client. Therefore, we strive to pay attention to both the overall composition to create the necessary atmosphere and the details that will bring only joyful vibes and comfortable living.

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