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    Architectural project of a cottage with a view of the city in Brazil

    Villa with a city view

    Our new architectural project is a dream house on a large plot located in Brazil. On an area of ​​more than 1000 square meters fit all the premises necessary for the permanent residence of a large family, as well as receiving guests.

    The functional zoning of the house is designed in such a way that it would maximally dovetail with the life scenarios of the family, and each room is located in its place, so you can have noisy pool parties or billiard tournaments here, without disturbing the rest of the house. 

    The large terrace has a panoramic view not only of the city but also of the forest from the other side of the house
    The large terrace has a panoramic view not only of the city but also of the forest from the other side of the house

    The office is a place of particular importance for the owner of the house it has several features, because two of the four walls are panoramic windows. One panoramic window has a view of the cars (a special hobby of the owner of the house), and the other opens onto the inner garden which is a green corner of peace and quiet, separated from the rest of the world by the walls of the house and greenery. In the evening, when the daytime heat slackens, here is especially pleasant to read a book, sitting in a comfortable armchair and enjoying the fresh air.

    Swimming in the pool you can enjoy the evening panorama

    The wing with auxiliary rooms, rooms for staff, as well as guest rooms is connected to the rest of the house with a glazed gallery.

    The spacious living room with dining room and kitchen opens onto a terrace with a swimming pool, and also has a view of the city and the sea. The spa area with a sauna and a jacuzzi is connected to the house by a spacious relaxation area, which includes a lounge with a TV, a pool table and a fully-featured bar. On the second floor there is a proprietor zone. Large master bedroom with wardrobe 20 square meters and a master bathroom, as well as four more bedrooms with their own bathrooms and wardrobes.

    Garage for 4 cars with panoramic windows overlooking the owner's office

    One of the key features of this modern house is a large number of walk-out balconies and terraces, which is due to the beauty of the plot and the surrounding nature, as well as the climate.

    Most of the windows are fully opened, bright line fades between the interior and the exterior of the house, so that every room is filled with light and air. Also, another one of the interesting features of the villa is a cozy lounge zone near the hearth, located on the terrace. The owners are especially pleased to enjoy the warm evenings here, meeting the sunsets in the company of their loved ones.

    A lounge zone with a hearth on the terrace is a delightful place where owners can spend a cozy evening surrounded by loved ones

    Designing this house, we took into account all the wishes of the customer, because such a house is a dream that he has been walking for a long time. Here, children and grandchildren who come to stay will be accommodated with comfort and pleasure, friends who visited the owners will have a great time, and it will also be no worse for the owners to retire, enjoying the views and tranquility.

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