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Interior design of a mansion in English style

English-style mansion

In this project, we were inspired by the design of luxurious European houses from the 19th century. Our task was to create the atmosphere of a family mansion, combining discoveries from the craftsmanship of the past with contemporary solutions.
We combined a classical English-style interior with modern solutions

We discovered numerous different solutions, from which we highlighted the style-defining elements that easily characterize the classical English interior.

The combination of various textures and elements makes the space rich and vibrant

One such element is a large wood-burning fireplace with a wide hearth. Gathering around the lively fire has always been a pleasant experience for the whole family, welcoming guests and engaging in leisurely conversations. This spacious living room doesn't feel empty; on the contrary, it exudes an airy atmosphere despite the use of substantial furnishings. Luxurious sofas by DV Home, a daybed by Baker, as well as armchairs and chairs, allow for comfortable seating for numerous guests. However, it's not just about providing comfort; it's also about creating the right atmosphere, and lighting plays a crucial role in achieving this in the interior.

Authentic antique sideboard and oak flooring

The fireplace's warmth, the illumination from the grand chandelier by Patrizia Garganti, expansive arched windows, wall and table lamps, a mobile torchiere by Cattelan Italia, and even a large rail with spotlight fixtures to highlight any accents—combining these light sources offers nearly endless possibilities! To reconcile these different eras—classical and modern—we juxtaposed contemporary minimalist art alongside original engravings from the 19th century. This juxtaposition brought the interior to life. Genuine antiques and oak parquet flooring underscore the high status and, true to such elements, they don't loudly proclaim it but rather gently gather and frame the entire interior.

The unique pendant chandelier by Lasvit

The enchanting Lasvit chandelier, suspended by hundreds of nearly invisible threads, doesn't take up space; on the contrary, it visually enhances the large hall, making it appear clean and open while simultaneously uniting it into a cohesive composition. An olive tree, inherited from antique interiors, complements the color palette of the hall, adding a pleasant variety, while a soft pouf rhymes with this space in harmony with the living room.

Examining such an interior can be an endless delight

Examining such an interior can be an endless delight

The combination of ancient sculptures and contemporary abstract paintings

The combination of ancient sculptures and contemporary abstract paintings

In the hall, we also chose to combine contemporary abstract paintings with classical sculptures in niches, adding numerous light sources. This interior can be endlessly contemplated thanks to its visual diversity: to gain a new impression, all one needs to do is change the perspective.

Enchanting view from below of the dome.

Enchanting view from below of the dome.

The majestic beauty of the dome, reminiscent of the one adorning the Roman Pantheon for two millennia, is accentuated by the descending strands of the chandelier. A circular staircase creates numerous vantage points.

The understated and elegant foyer with the essentials—reminiscent of those found in Victorian-era English elite clubs. Large windows allow ample natural light during the day, spotlight fixtures provide general illumination, and lamps offer a pleasant soft evening glow.

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