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    Modern mansion in the style of Wright

    Modern mansion in the style of Wright

    Our new project is a spacious cottage in a modern style located on a large plot at the edge of the forest.
    The house is designed to be closely connected with nature, emphasizing the surrounding landscape.

    During the design process, the decision was made to preserve the natural terrain of the plot and emphasize the slight elevation with dynamic architectural elements. A specific request from the homeowners was to maximize the preservation of large pine trees and the surrounding landscape to maintain the authenticity of the location. Boulders on the site are seamlessly integrated into the terrace, paving stones become part of the lawn, and every detail is carefully considered to ensure that the house organically blends in, as if it were an extension of the landscape.

    The functional layout of the first floor includes

    The layout of this house turned out to be quite compact and highly functional.

    The first floor encompasses all essentials: a spacious foyer with a wardrobe and a bathroom, a bedroom with its own bathroom and wardrobe, a large living room measuring 67 sq. m., a dining area, a kitchen with a spacious pantry, a garage for 2 cars, and a utility room with a boiler. The second floor is dedicated to the private zone of the owners: a spacious master bedroom with its own bathroom and wardrobe, a master office, and two bedrooms. The expansive glazed gazebo is equipped with a barbecue stove and a large table, providing a gathering space for the entire family. Thanks to the folding windows (FS portals), the gazebo remains comfortable regardless of weather and season, which is particularly relevant considering our climate.


    A generous amount of lighting enhances the enjoyment and safety of being on the property while emphasizing the architecture. Natural materials dominate the exterior finish: handmade Dutch brick and thermally treated wood. Despite its classic architectural appearance, this house possesses all the attributes of modern country living. The smart home system allows control over landscape, facade, and interior lighting, security, internal temperature, as well as multimedia systems directly from a mobile phone.

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