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    Project of a pergola in the club residential community

    Pergola in the club residential community 'Repinskoe'

    Our new project in the resort suburbs of St. Petersburg - a gazebo in the club cottage village 'Repinskoe.'

    The main idea is to create a harmonious space for the recreation of all residents and their guests, in line with the philosophy of organic architecture. Every element of our project embodies the ideas of unity between nature and architecture. We design unique small forms that emphasize the concept of the elite village, setting it apart from others and facilitating faster sales of plots.


    The landscape pond serves as the focal point of the club village's life. Alongside it runs a promenade with a walkway, providing an excellent space for leisure with family and friends. The clean forest air and beautiful scenery leave no one indifferent. The terrace under the pergola with a summer kitchen invites residents to spend enjoyable time in the company of friends. A symmetrical panoramic gazebo, located in the center of the lake, becomes the focal point of attraction for the settlement's inhabitants. On its left side, there's a bar for parties, and on the right, tables where one can enjoy the wonderful view of the pond.


    The distinctive feature of this project is the lounge area with a fireplace located right in the center of the pond. Here, one can find solitude with a favorite book or gather with friends. The architecture of the terrace seamlessly blends with the surrounding nature, uniting the green garden and the pristine pond. Metal, granite, and natural wood accentuate the natural landscape, becoming one with it. Our project fully emphasizes the concept of an elite village. Architecture is one of the most important criteria for buyers when choosing suburban real estate. We have created an original and attractive design, as the architectural style serves as the hallmark of the club cottage community. The special atmosphere of this place cannot be compared to city life. Here, every resident will find a pleasant pursuit and experience unparalleled comfort in country living.

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